Thursday, June 24, 2021

two finishes

Hello again!  I am excited to have two completed quilts to share.  
The first one is my Hospital Sketches quilt.  This was a Block of the Month that Barbara Brackman did over on her blog Civil war quilts.  I loved appliqueing the blocks and designing my own border.  
I also loved handquilting it.  It took just over a year to quilt.  It helped me to get through Covid by giving me something to look forward to working on each day.  I quilted rather unpredictable free flowing feathers from small feathered rosettes at the intersections between the blocks. 
I love the texture that handquilting gives.
As always, I quilted in the year and my initials.  I will miss working on this - it was such a fun project at every stage.  

My next finish was machine quilted.  This quilt doesn't really have a name.  It is assembled from 6 inch blocks made from a variety of library books 7 years ago.  They sat forgotten in a ufo bin for a few years.

Then I saw a picture of a setting online done by Carrie Nelson and I knew it would be perfect for these blocks.  
I enjoyed making all of the flying geese for the setting.  The quilting was fun and fast.  I quilted diagonal rows of feathers over the blocks and straight lines intersecting over the flying geese.  The final narrow border got some feathers as well.  
I had a hard time choosing between red and blue for the binding fabric.  In the end I went with blue.  This quilt is for the sunny sitting room upstairs.  With its flannel back it will be cozy for winter naps :0) 

Yesterday I taught only in the morning and with half the house empty with people away I knew I could get away with minimal cooking.  It was the perfect opportunity to use the kitchen island to thread baste the next quilt for handquilting.  This one is Radical Rose and Reel  a pattern by Dawn at Collector with a needle.

This is the third quilt I've basted on this island.  It really works well.  Maybe I will put the first few stitches into it tonight :0)

Happy Quilting!!


Kyle said...

Janet, your work is always incredibly. These two finishes are absolutely amazing. The handquilting is so lovely and as always adds the perfect texture. The second quilt with the machine quilting is beautiful. The setting with your six inch blocks brings all those colors together. Can't believe your on to #3. It will be a beauty as well. Congratulations on these awesome quilts.

Lynn S said...

Lovely! Absolutely lovely!! Each and every one!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh wat a fabulous finish! I adore your version of "Hospital Sketches". Your quilting is amazing as always! Your next up in the hoop is wonderful as well. I love all of Dawn's patterns and Radical Rose is one of my favorites. I hope you get lots of snuggle time with your wonderful pieced quilt!

Michele said...

Your handwork is incredible and so inspiring. I love your layout for your sampler block quilt. I usually don't like samplers, but your addition of the flying geese sashing adds the right touch! Very inspiring..makes me want to pick up my hoop today and do some handquilting!

JustGail said...

Nice work on the finishes! Both are gorgeous. Maybe someday I'll get started on Hospital Sketches - your border design works so well with the blocks.

gladiquilts said...

Your Hospital Sketches quilt is gorgeous and I LOVE the border you designed. Your hand quilting is wonderful and makes the quilt truly special. I am in the home stretch of hand quilting mine and hope to have it done for my guild's show in October. I can hardly believe I'm into my third year of working on it - off and on, of course, along with other projects or it would have been completed sooner!

Chantal said...

Glad to see you in Blogland again. Congratulations on these two wonderful finishes. I don't know which one I prefer. They are both so lovely in their own ways. Hospital Sketches is a Masterpiece. The second one is so cheerful and full of energy, just flying off in every direction. Love them both. Excellent work. ;^)

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

These quilts are absolutely stunning! I love your hand quilting and the border is so perfect for it. It is so balanced and beautiful. Your machine quilted finish is also stunning! Congratulations on both. It's a great tip to use a kitchen island for basting. Good height.

Barb said...

What Beauties!!
Your Hospital Sketches is so stunning!

Prairie Pines Sewing Room said...

The hospital sketches quilt is amazing; beautiful design and the quilting is fantastic. So much time and attention was given to your second quilt; very nice color combinations. I also love your Radical Rose and Reel quilt top. I love seeing people finish with hand quilting.

Judith said...

I totally agree with Kyle, gorgeous as ever! Just would love to sit under both of them. Just admiring your quilting work and fabric choices! they are just so pretty. Well done.