Wednesday, August 3, 2022

A year in quick review

I know I haven't posted in a long while.  My mom has been asking about it.  So here is a quick post with some of what I've been up to in the last year.
This quilt is Radical Rose and Reel - pattern by  I finished handquilting it in May 2022.
Surprisingly it wanted green binding.
I always like to quilt in the date and my initials :0)

I finished this quilt just this week.  I took some pictures of it out in the yard today.  There is no pattern - it developed as a way to use my collection of 1 1/2 inch squares.  It had been tucked away in the ufo bin for a long while.  I decided to finish it and gift it to my sister.  I hope she likes it!
I machine quilted it with feathers and straight line quilting.  It should be nice and cozy with a flannel backing.  
Extra long to cover tall people!

This is another project I finished recently from the ufo bin.  A little table topper project from a guild night.  I quilted similar machine feathers on it.

This quilt was made in a week!  My second oldest daughter wanted to make a T-shirt quilt from her camp T-shirts.  I did most of the cutting, she did all of the sewing.  I did all of the machine quilting in just one day.  Lots of whimsical free motion quilting.  The backing was brought around to the front for binding - a super quick way to get something bound. 

Last week I also made a new bike bag for myself.  I had an old bag given to me as a gift - I had used it for years.  It was time for a new one - with zippers - so I don't lose important stuff...

 There have been other projects worked on in the last year.  I will try to share them as they become finishes.  Thanks for still being here!

Happy Quilting!!


Kyle said...

It was nice to read what you've been up to in your stitching life. Your work is always very inspiring. I love your red and green applique. It's a special family treasure.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

It's nice to see your post! These are all terrific projects. A t-shirt quilt is a labor of love! Glad the labor didn't last too long, lol. Your bike bag is so pretty with that fun print. Your applique is so classic and beautiful.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Oh wow, I just love the Radical Rose quilt and the scrap quilt is wonderful as well. I am glad you are dong well and keeping busy.

Annelein said...

The first one is my favorite. Love the fabric, the design and the green border ;).

audrey said...

Your hand quilting is so amazing! Much, more dedicated than me at all the details. Love how you quilt in your info. too. Very sweet. I'm sure your sister is thrilled at getting a quilt from you, who wouldn't be? It's very lovely and looks quite cozy.:) The t-shirt project is actually more rewarding than it seems to be on the surface. All the memories and effort are so important.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Such beautiful quilts! You are a talented quilter. How are things in Alberta? We are just starting to see yellows and reds here in the Ottawa Valley, cooling down overnights.

JohnR said...

This is a very nice compilation of the various projects you've been working on this year. My favourite is the quilt that is "extra long to cover tall people!". ;)

The Quilted Finish said...

Beautiful quilt! Your Radical Rose quilt is exceptional!! So lovely to see you still sharing on blogger.