Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's been pretty crazy around here the last week but all the preparations are pretty well done now - on to the good part... relax, enjoy and celebrate!
This is the last gift I put together - its a heart garland for my newest little neice. I'm not sure how well it turned out but its done! I'm not sure what my sister will do with it but she did want me to make it.
I have put a few stitches into this quilt in the last couple weeks - quilting these simple fans is SO FUN! I'm leaving the border unquilted for now. I might attempt feathers if I can get them to fit if not I'm thinking about a cable pattern. I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

me neither

Over the weekend I had a birthday - a big number I wasn't looking forward to. So, my husband and sister planned a birthday party for me. I hadn't had one in years - December is always such a busy month. It was a really wonderful party and my friends and family spoiled me terribly. This was a very fun little card from a friend. Inside it says "me neither" Can you relate?

This is cute too - I set it near my sewing machine - do you suppose it will remind me to check my bobbin more often so I don't run out?

These were more lovely gifts. My friends and family know me well ... :0)
There were gift certificates too - for my favorite Quilting store - those will be fun to spend in the New Year.

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas ornament with gun

I'm so happy to have this little quilt finished. It's Marcie's free Christmas pattern from last year. Do you suppose I have time yet to make her great little pattern for this year? :0)
This next picture is the backing fabric I bought for my 9-patch quilt. I went to my LQS to buy backing fabric and to my delight - there was a sign on the door " Customer Appreciation Sale" All fabrics 30% off some even 40% off. Oh Happy Day! I usually shop for backing at the clearance table but not this time! I really like this beautiful red print.
Ok - so here is the ornament I referred to in the title. It's a chili pepper cowboy! My husband picked this Christmas tree ornament out - I guess he felt he needed something masculine along with all the pretty angels and snowflakes... Anyway my son just LOVES it and if anyone comes over he immediately ushers them over to see this amazing ornament. I find it rather amazing too but not in a good way.
Oh well - its a good lesson in compromise - I think... :0)
Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sinter Klaas

I made this little snowman wallhanging for my sister as a Sinter Klaas gift. It's a Terry Morberg pattern - cute, easy and fun!
We celebrated Sinter Klaas on the weekend. We put our shoes out at night and in the morning they have small gifts in them. We woke up to find small gifts in our shoes and enormous drifts of snow in the backyard. The kids ate some chocolate from their shoes and went and played outside for over an hour before breakfast. Ahhh - it was so nice and quiet :0)
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

something to show for myself

This quilt top is hot off the ironing board :0) It's my first leader and ender quilt. It turned out very different than I thought when I started sewing my bright little squares together - but I am delighted with it.
I started cutting little 2" squares from all the fabrics I was using as I worked on other projects. Then they slowly became 9 patches. That is what makes this quilt so special to me now. There's little bits from the Christmas stockings I made last Dec, there's bits from both crib quilts I made this year, bits from the quilts I haven't finished yet... you get the idea. :0) Just looking at this quilt I can remember all the projects I made and all the enjoyment I had quilting this past year.
I want to get this basted to hand quilt over Christmas - I always want handwork and there is little time at Christmas to do prep work. In my mind I imagine elaborate feathers quilted in a wide border around the sides :0) as if! I do NOT know how to to that.
My parents were here visiting last week which is why I didn't get anything posted. My Mom bought me these beautiful roses which I am enjoying very much as the snow falls outside.
Happy Quilting!!