Monday, June 22, 2009

another ufo

I have been busy sewing basket blocks and 25 patches but since I posted about that last week I will show you a ufo that I have sitting on the shelf.
I got the blocks from a "pizza box" challenge with my guild. We put some fabric and some guidelines and one completed block in the box and passed it around to everyone in the guild who then made a block for your box. I really like the blocks and I got busy right away and made the setting triangles. And now I am stuck - I don't know what to do about borders. I sort of want the quilt to be larger. I've thought I would like to make wide appliqued borders for it but I'm not sure if it would be too much for an already busy quilt.
We went camping over the weekend at a beautiful mountain lake near the town of Nordegg. Nordegg is a mostly abandoned coal mining town. Several old buildings have been boarded up a long time. I like this one - the blue doors always make me smile. :0) I wonder what the building was used for... plus the view is wonderful!
Happy Quilting!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

something new

I've been working away on this quilt for awhile now - I think there are enough blocks made now to get the idea of the quilt I am making.

I had been wanting to make a basket quilt for long time and I had been collecting pink and brown fabric for it. When I saw the basket quilt on the front of the May/June 09 Quiltmaker magazine I knew I wanted to set my baskets with 25 patches too. I modified my basket block from a 9 inch block to a 10 inch block to simplify the math. I've lots of blocks to make yet - it will be a single bed size quilt when its done. I'm making it for my youngest little daughter.
A friend of mine sent me a link to this blog with an article about a "real" Mrs Sew & Sew. (scroll down to her May 19 post) I never heard of her before. She had some informative pamphlets! :0) I got the idea for my blog name from the name I have always used when I have tea parties with my daughters.

A second look through my pictures of the old quilts convinced me that I have shown my best pictures already.
Happy Quilting!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

old quilts

My parents headed out this morning - it was a good visit. So now on to the old quilts from the quilt show. I wish my pictures were better - the quilts were WONDERFUL. Some were laid out folded, some were displayed on bed in rooms where you had to stand behind the cord... So I did my best.
This one had a wonderful variety of fabrics.
I love the scalloped border on this quilt.
This quilt was particularly difficult to photograph - the quilting was marvelous. I think the blocks have so much interest pieced from striped fabric.
This quilt was amazing - 100 years later it is in unused condition. I love quilts with Flying Geese and the fabric is such a warm lovely cheddar.
I have never personally seen such tiny even stitches. I had read about quilting like this and seen pictures of it but in person ... its incredible!
There are more - but I couldn't figure out how to load more than 5 pictures into one post. If there are people interested in old quilts poorly photographed I will post more later. :0)