Friday, November 30, 2012

vine panel #5

 I was excited to attach vine panel #5 to the others.  Slowly this quilt is growing.  It makes me wonder how long it took Susan McCord to complete her quilt.
It is so hard to photograph.  I don't have a design wall so for once I thought I would pin it to the drapes and get a straight on picture.   I've printed off panel #6 but I really should applique a block or 2 for my Bird of Paradise quilt before I start another panel.  Thanks so much Janet for making this marvelous pattern available!!  If I try to stay disciplined maybe I can finish both quilts  :0)

I haven't done any handquilting since May.  Now that it's so cold here I am wanting a quilt to snuggle under and work on through the winter months.  I found this neglected top when I moved my sewing room to the basement.  It's basted now and I'll get started on it tonight. 

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

couple new things

I haven't posted for awhile.  We went on a family vacation to Hawaii.  It was so very wonderful...  Last night it was cold enough for DH to start making the skating rink in the backyard.  It's really feels like winter now.
I started a couple of new things.
 This little applique I prepped to bring along on our trip.  I always panic thinking I don't have enough handwork to last for the whole trip.  I did work on my Susan McCord vine quilt panel #5 but I brought this along for "just in case".  Well - I didn't finish my vine panel but I did finish this  :0)  It's 7 1/2 inches square.  It's called Whig Rose from Lori Smith's book Fat Quarter Quilting.  Rather than making 5 more blocks like the pattern I plan to use it as a center for a small medallion quilt. 

 This project I started on my sew day with friends last month.  Fall is long gone here where I live but these warm colors continue to make me happy  :0)  I have no idea what the finished project will be - I will continue making blocks until I figure it out.

Thank you to those who helped me in my search for more of the red and white polka dot fabric I'm using in my zigzag quilt.  Thanks especially to Beatrice from France who told me the name of the fabric line and the designer.  With this information I was better able to look for more.   After much searching, I found a store in Lethbridge that still had some and it is on it's way here in the mail.  Yahoo!!  Now I can make my zigzag quilt as big as I want  :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Quiltalong link up

 I sewed my Mountain Trail blocks into a top this afternoon.  I decided on the Zigzag setting for them. I am still making more blocks but I didn't want to miss out on Lori's linkup with all the quilts from this quiltalong.  I will add borders when I've sewed all the blocks I can make onto it.  What a great project this has been - thanks so much Lori!!

 I cut all the scraps my friend gave me of the red polka dot fabric.  There is just enough for one more row of blocks.  I'm so glad.  I'd love to make this quilt bigger.  This is the only piece of selvage with info on it.  I suspect it was from a line that came out last Christmas.  I sure wish I'd bought more...

I enjoyed so very much the sew day with friends I had last Saturday.  I managed to finish the rest of the blocks for Cheddar Posies - the quilt I am making for DD#1.  The pattern is from Quiltmaker May/June 2011. My friends helped me decide on navy blue for the inner and outer borders.

Happy Quilting!!