Monday, September 23, 2013

from the outside in

I caved and started a new project on Friday.  My kids had a day off from school and there were a few extras kids here too. I figured I could sew and supervise at the same time.  I pulled out some reds, dark oranges and blacks and started sewing  :0)  I thought I'd start with the border and make some hourglass or rail fence blocks to fit inside it later.
 I have this coffee table that my husband built over 15 years ago.  It has been used hard and is banged up/ drawn on/ punctured...  I don't really like the color of it anymore either so mostly I just want to cover it up.
 I found this quilt did the job nicely.  But there are 2 drawers in one side of the table and the remotes are supposed to reside in there and I have heard some mumbles about the quilt being "in the way". 
Actually the table looks more like this by the end of the day.  It gets tidied up at the kids' bedtime and usually stays tidy until they come home from school.  It has a big shelf loaded with library books under it and it is the perfect height for putting your feet on.  It's a very functional piece of furniture and I guess I could haul it out to the garage and paint it but after I'd still want to put a quilt on it  :0)  So, for now I will make one that fits better, covers up more, and does not get in the way of the drawer.  There, did I justify that new start well enough?  lol!

Now, as for the book from my last post.  I meant for it to be a giveaway - I guess I could have been more clear about that.  With 4 people responding that they were interested in it, as well as one non-commenter, that makes 5.  I put the number into the random number generator I found online and number 2 was generated.

Barb was interested commenter #2.  If you will email me your address Barb I will get the book into the mail for you.
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

quilting progress

 This is the quilting design I chose for quilting the blocks for my Crowfoot quilt.  Unbelievably it took 5 evenings of quilting to get this far.  As my kids get older they think they need to stay up later  which then shortens my time to sit and quilt.  I think everyone around here could use more sleep except me - I only need more time to quilt  :0)
 Anyway, progress is progress!  I love this quilting design - it is perfect for this block as it misses all the seams.  I also love the Quilters Dream Request batting.  It needles beautifully!
 Here is the stencil I`m thinking of using for the sashing.  I`ve had it forever - even used it once for some free motion quilting in a border.  I won`t be posting a picture of how that turned out - lol.  I think I can mark it with chalk or soap.  I`m not sure how well it will show up with the navy print being a bit busy.  Oh well - it will be fun to quilt and will contrast with the straight lines in the blocks.  Hopefully it is dense enough.
This is the book in which I found the block quilting design.  It`s not a big book but has lots of ideas and lovely quilts in it.  I have an extra copy if anyone is interested. 

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

quilted and bound

My kids are all back to school.  I should have more time to sew but I just haven't managed to find it yet.  I did manage to get this little quilt quilted and bound.
 There is lots of Fig Tree fabric left over for more projects. 
I am slowly making progress on a number of other projects.  I started hand quilting my Crowfoot quilt.  Wow - is it ever big!  And heavy!  I've never attempted to hand quilt a queensized quilt before. But, I am loving the Quilters Dream Request batting as it needles beautifully.  I will post progress on it soon.
Happy Quilting!!