Wednesday, September 28, 2011

signed and dated

I'm getting so close to having this 4 block applique quilt finished. Last week, on the last stretch of border I had to commit to how I wanted to sign it. I wanted to explore some calligraphy books and find a really elegant J and O and perhaps make the numbers more exciting as well. However, in the end I decided that the space was small and so I kept it fairly simple. Next time I post about this quilt it will be finished!

My stars are growing as well. This really is the ultimate, portable take-a-long project for me. I should have ordered more quilt patis... :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

more applique

With the kids back to school things are every bit as busy around here as they were in the summer. All my big plans to have more time to sew - lol.
In the evenings I have carried on with this applique block. It's based on a pattern in the Dec 2002 AP&Q. It was meant to be machine appliqued and since I'm doing it by hand some of the shapes needed to be changed a bit. I want to do something different in the center - I had it started last night but then pulled it all off - back to the drawing board for me. I am, however, happy with it to this stage.
And I've been missing making Courthouse steps blocks. They were so fun to sew. These Album blocks are a little less fun but I'm happy to see the pile of blocks growing.

I did not get the borders on the Courthouse steps - I haven't even washed the fabric we picked out yet - too much other wash to do around here :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

a quick finish

This little quilt now is hanging on the wall in my front entryway. It was a quick finish :0) The pattern is Sweet Carolina - from AP&Q August 2011
When I finished the top I put it away - I was unsure of how to quilt it and I knew for certain I couldn't quilt it like the one in AP&Q. After a few weeks I could pull it out having forgotten how beautifully quilted it was in the magazine and quilt it "my way" (very simple - stitch in the ditch mostly)

I managed to get all the blocks assembled for my daughter's courthouse steps quilt. Today DD#2 and I went to the LQS to choose fabrics for borders/binding/backing. It was fun to do that together!! She chose pink (no surprise there) Hopefully I can get the borders on this week and take a picture to share.

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

new stuff

I thought I'd give a peek of the applique project I am working on. I"m just taking a little break from my Bird of Paradise quilt to make a gift. I'm so glad I took pictures of it - I can see right away that the flower center fabrics need changing - maybe just reversing them would work. I love to use a digital camera to help with decision making. Now this is something I'm very excited about. My new thimble - Yahoo!! I first heard about these thimbles when Barb posted about them. Teresa posted about hers too. I told a friend who got 3 of them. Finally I ordered one myself. (Barb you should be getting a commission :0) It is so impossible to find a good thimble in my city - not enough hand quilters I guess. This thimble is a TJ Lane thimble. It has the best dimples!

This is a new handwork project I've started (because I needed a new project - lol) I've never liked piecing by hand. I've wanted to like it because it's so portable and my applique/hand quilting projects sometimes aren't. I hadn't tried English paper piecing because the idea of basting around little papers didn't seem like much fun.

Then I watched a Youtube video of someone using these Quilt Patis and I was sure I would like it. Only one backstitch on each corner to hold the fabric on the plastic template and they're ready. They are so easy to use and I am happy with the accuracy. I even stitched at the playground last night - I'm going to find all kinds of places to sew where I couldn't before. Do I sound excited?? :0)

Happy Quilting!!