Thursday, April 16, 2015

the worst block

I finished the block with its red center  :0)  It is probably one of the worst blocks I have ever made - it is not flat and it puckers on the curves.   But, I love it anyway and I am SURE that all of it's problems will just quilt away - lol!
 I also found I had another signature to make a block for.  I spread out all the blocks and finally made a decision about how I am going to set them.  I have changed my mind about this project several times but now I want it done!  I need to make one more block and then borders...
Oh dear- why do I always get stuck at this stage?

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

not much new...

It's been awhile since I last posted.  Spring break was in there - always a busy week with the kids.  There has been some stitching happening but not much that's interesting to show.
 My friend and I worked on our Circle Game quilt one morning.  This block was so hard!  The curved inset seams just about did me in.  It is far from perfect but I really like it so I'm just going to use it as is.  I still need to choose a fabric for the center circle.  I'm thinking it should be red  :0)
 I have the first 2 branches of leaves appliqued onto vine panel #12.  I really want to hurry this project along to a finish but with 250 (or so) leaves per panel rushing seems like the wrong word to use - lol!  I have a loose goal of one branch per week.  Steady progress will get it done.
 I am getting very close to a finish with handquilting my Crowfoot quilt.  I completed the feathers on the border this week and all that remains now is diagonal line fill in quilting (not as exciting to do as feathers)  I like how the feathers filled in underneath my initials and date.  I wasn't sure how it would look to put feathers only on one side of the stem but I think they frame it nicely.  I've entered it into the outdoor quilt show in late May and it should be done on time.

It snowed all day Monday again this week.  As you can see it is melting fast and I appreciate the signs of spring that are appearing.  Spring comes very slowly where I live - it tries my patience every year.  Happily there is always lots of color to be found on the shelves and table in my sewing room :0)

Happy Quilting!!