Wednesday, November 24, 2010

arranging blocks

I finished all 9 of these blocks already. This was the perfect project for those few minutes here and there when I can sit down at my machine.
Now that I can see all the blocks together the busy background ones don't bother me anymore.

Now I can have lots of fun deciding how to arrange them :0)
This 2nd picture was how I had planned to lay them out but now I'm leaning toward the top arrangement.
I suspect this project will push ahead of the small stack of "waiting to be quilted quilts" It's a fun, happy quilt and I want to finish it asap so I can start using it.

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a lovely surprise

Yesterday I finished sewing these Crowfoot blocks together. I want this quilt for my bed so it needs some borders to make it bigger. This picture gives an idea of how it will look. Next I will start the pieced border. I hope to quilt this by hand so it could be a couple years before we're sleeping under it. :0)

This is the inspiration quilt. It's in Betsy Chutchian's book "Gone to Texas". It's such a lovely book!

I was so surprised when I looked in the mail today! Marcie sent me a copy of her 2010 Christmas pattern. I have made 2 of her Christmas patterns in previous years and just love them. Thanks so very much Marcie!! I won't be able to get this done in time for Christmas but maybe I'll make it up in spring colors. The seed catalog was in the mail today too so I'm dreaming of flowers and spring as I watch the snow come down...
Happy Quilting!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas sewing has begun

I have started my Christmas sewing. Maybe this year I will have time to make all the things I have planned in my mind :0) I can't post that stuff though - at least not for awhile.
I've made a few more scrappy star blocks. I think some of my blue backgrounds are a bit too busy. I picked up a couple new medium blues today at the LQS. Some of these blocks may end up as orphans. They sure are fun to sew!
I finished my 3rd block for my Bird of Paradise quilt. I fussed and fussed over the nest on this block. After my third attempt I was satisfied. I looked back at the pictures I took of the nests and they really didn't look very different - lol.

Here are the 3 completed blocks together. I want to start another block but I'm going to be good and stick to Christmas sewing for now :0)

The ladies at my LQS very helpfully found me this egg fabric. I wanted slightly blue eggs so I used the Crested Lark eggs :0) I have no idea what a Crested Lark looks like. I want to use the Calandra Lark eggs in the next nest. We don't get a lot of larks at our bird feeder. Mostly chickadees, nuthatches and squirrels. :0)
Happy Quilting!!