Tuesday, July 24, 2012

star block #3

I took the kids to Kelowna to visit my parents last week. We spent lots of time at the beach :0)
We got back Friday and by Sunday I had my little star #3 done. These are so fun to make - I can't wait for the next one!
It's a Summer Star Sew-along. You can find it at http://temeculaquiltco.blogspot.ca/
Happy Quilting!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

star block #2

Just a quick post with my second star for Temecula's Quilt Co's Summer star sew along. http://temeculaquiltco.blogspot.ca/ Summer is BUSY! But I took half an hour out of my day for me - to make this little star :0)

I looked around quickly for a prop - something old - and I spied my favorite teddy. My Aunt made him for me when I was 2 - I think that qualifies as old - lol. Named after a curious monkey whose books I loved - his name is George. When I was small I especially liked this bear because his arms and legs move and he could wear my doll's clothes.
I hope you're finding time to sew :0)
Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer star sew along

I couldn't resist the little star block that the Temecula Quilt Co posted to begin their Summer star sew along. It's a cute little 4 1/2 inch star. They are going to do one a week through the summer. That should be easy to keep up with... :0)
One thing I love about their blog is the way they create beautiful pictures to show their blocks/quilts. They have wonderful old things that they expertly combine to make beautiful pictures. I thought I'd give it a try, however, I don't have much old stuff (DH prefers new stuff). I do have a few things from my Grandmother- like this old spool and the marvelous gingham bias tape. My Grandmother was 98 when she passed away. She had only a small drawer to keep a few things in. This bias tape was one of the things. She wasn't exactly doing a lot of sewing at that point anymore - she must have really liked this bias tape :0) I like it too!
We had a nasty hailstorm a couple days ago - nasty in duration not size. The next day at noon you could still find hail lying around on the ground. It pretty well wiped out all my flowers. I know they will recover... Summer is a short and temperamental season. I'm happy I can quilt all year round!!
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What is that?

I've been doing some sewing - something completely different.
What do you think it's supposed to be?
I know - it looks a bit like a lumpy pumpkin but...
It's supposed to be an orange :0) An orange pincushion attached to a little zippered pouch.
It was so darn cute in the pattern! I think maybe my orange scraps aren't bright enough. The lumpiness is from loading the zipper compartment with actual sewing supplies - it would probably look better stuffed with stuffing like the other half.
A friend and I went shopping at the LQS and couldn't resist the pattern. She came over on Sunday and we spent a remarkable number of hours sewing on this. We called it quits at 11:30pm and I finished mine up today.
It was a fun afternoon/evening - lots of laughter. Even though it's not exactly as cute as I thought it would be I still think it will be fun to use.
Happy Quilting!!