Tuesday, December 16, 2008

last gift finished

I was happy to get this table runner quilted and ready for giving away. It was a very cold and snowy weekend - perfect for sewing. I hope the recipient likes it. If she doesn't - it doesn't look too bad on my table :0) Seriously though, I am a few years away from being able to use a table runner. The kids spill stuff and splatter paint... I really had NO IDEA how messy kids would make my world - or how marvelous. :0)I used Press n'seal for the quilting in the center panel and again it worked just great! This time I traced the design from the pieced border - lifted the Press n'seal - stuck it down in the middle and quilted. It's so easy.
I hope to get one more Christmas stocking made yet ... yikes its the 16th already!
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

candy canes

I finished this little wallhanging just in time to enjoy it this Christmas. It hangs on the wall opposite the front door. My son was quite excited about this one when he heard that it was supposed to hold candy canes. I think he thought he would be allowed to eat one whenever he liked - sadly for him ... I think not.
I especially like the snowman fabric I found for the border. I tried something new with the quilting of it. I wanted to very carefully stiple around the snowmen in the border - I'm not very good at free motion quilting so I bought some Press'n Seal - stuck it to the fabric and drew the path to follow on with a marker. The Press'n Seal worked great but my free motion quilting still needs LOTS of practice.
Happy Quilting!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Skirt

We got out our Christmas decorations this weekend and put up our Christmas tree. It looks a little funny this year as all the ornaments are placed up higher than the reach of our youngest daughter. She is 10 months old now and into everything! The Christmas tree with all its sparkly lights and ornaments is just too hard to resist. I love to take out my quilted Christmas tree skirt and I thought I would share it with you. I did make one change to the pattern (from Country Quilts). I like Christmas decorations that are about Christ (after all it is His birthday we are celebrating) so I made a panel with baby Jesus wrapped up in ... a quilt ... to replace the Santa panel. It's my favorite :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sinter Klaas

This little wall hanging found it's way into my Mom's shoe last night :0) My Mom is from Holland and every year celebrates Sinter Klaas's birthday on Dec 5. When I was a child (and a long while after I grew up) she made sure that all the shoes put out for Sinter Klaas were filled. Well, now I fill in that role in my own home for my own kids but I also like to send a package to my Mom for her shoe. This little wallhanging was in the package this year.
As for my shoe this year ... my DH snuck in a lovely chocolate treat and the December issue of Quilters Newsletter. Isn't he a sweetheart. :0)