Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trying to avoid starting something new

Yesterday was an exciting day.  I took my quilt and with a lot of help, long arm basted my Trailing Vines quilt.  It is now ready for handquilting.  I was so excited to get started last evening. I did put a few stitches into it - enough to realize that it is going to take awhile to quilt around all those leaves...  lots of turning of the hoop.  I wonder if Susan McCord quilted hers in a frame - I bet unlike me, she could quilt in more than 2 directions. 
 I'll post a picture of the handquilting progress once there's enough to look like something. 

A New Year must equal a new project - right?  In effort to resist, I went through my bin of ufo's.  This little wallhanging has been waiting for some quilting for a looong time. 
 It was quick to add the brown borders, handquilt the center, machine quilt the hourglass blocks and put on binding.
 All it needs now is a hanging sleeve.  (this finished picture is dim - an overcast day today)
 I did some sewing with my DD#3 - she turns 11 this week.  She wanted to sew some pants for her doll.  I think they turned out really well :0)

I also made 2 blocks for a guild project. 
 A robin
 and a hairy woodpecker.  It felt like a new project for a little while :0)
 I made some hot mats for the kitchen.  They were a really quick project and much needed - my old ones looked terrible.
I also made 2 house blocks for the Paradise Fire project in California.  I used the instructions on Lori's Humble Quilts blog from Diane Knott's book.  They were fun, also a little like a new project.
So I have resisted starting something new so far.  Of course there are plenty of other projects I can work on.  Those ufo bins have loads of potential...

I finished appliquing the final block for my Radical Rose and Reel quilt.  As excited as I am to put all 9 together - I'm anxious about trimming them.  They need to trim down to 24 inches and my largest ruler is 20 1/2 inches.  I will procrastinated about it for a few days.  I found another ufo to work on in the meantime... 

Happy Quilting!!