Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the bride

I finished the applique on my Bride block for my Bird of Paradise quilt. This is definitely my favorite block so far - lots of pink :0) I plan to embroider a face onto her. I am currently procrastinating about the embroidery on all of these blocks.
I made a few changes to this block to personalise it - most noticably the hairstyle and color. DD#2 informed me that I do not have orange hair :0) This was the closest I could get to my color of red.
I used a new way to prep the cherries involving dimes, starch and aluminum foil. A friend from my guild had suggested it and I was happy with the results. There is always something new to learn!
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

star runner

I've been working a bit on this table runner I obviously did not finish before Christmas. :0)
The first picture is before top stitching.

The second picture shows the block after the 3D points have been top stitched down into curves. I was surprised at how much fun it was to do this stitching.
Now that the blocks are ready I now need to decide how to set them. My friend Pauline suggested that I post the options and see what you all think. I thought that was an excellent idea. So here are my 3 possibilities.
#1 set straight - side by side
#2 set on point, overlapping - wide (these are just laid out on the folded background fabric - I actually do have enough green fabric :0)
#3 Set on point, overlapping - narrower with the blocks trimmed.
I'm interested to hear your opinions! :0) After taking the pictures I 'm leaning toward #3.
Thanks a bunch!
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

courthouse steps

When I get a few minutes to sit down at my sewing machine (sometimes it is very few) I have continued to make these courthouse steps blocks and add them to the pile.
I hadn't laid them out in a long while so yesterday I thought I'd see how many I had.
Turns out I have 70 blocks! I really like them :0) There are enough for a lap quilt but as I enjoy making them - I will continue and see if I can get up to twin size. When we get a really cold night (just about every night lately) a couple of my kids are scouting about for extra quilts to put on their beds. A homemade quilt surely must be warmer than one from the store ... right? ;0)
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

something finished

I haven't finished anything for awhile. Big projects, moving slowly mean finishes are few and far between . So, I'm happy to have this little project quilted and bound and ready for use.
It is very simple machine quilting. I'm not very brave and I like to quilt in the ditch. :0)
Red binding to finish it off. Thanks again Lori for another fun quiltalong!
Happy Quilting!!