Wednesday, October 21, 2015

one stitch at a time

I've been busy working on all the same projects.  With every stitch I make progress but it's not too exciting to post about...
I finished quilting the feathered wreaths and decided to go back to the applique areas with some fill in quilting.  This design is easily marked with masking tape and I like it - it looks a bit like a spider web.
 I like how it looks from the back too :0)

I am still having fun making these pots of flowers.  Here is the latest one.  I just love this background fabric.  
 I have 7 made now and I prepped the 8th just this afternoon.  I haven't made a plan yet for sashing/borders. 
So, as it turns out, all the same projects is still exciting for me :0)

Happy Quilting!!