Friday, November 20, 2009

last BOM block

I finally chose a block and got it made - here it is. I think I like the other one better :0) so I'll make up instructions for that block for my guild.
Here are all 16 blocks together. I plan to set them with a fairly simple alternate block because I want this to be a big quilt for my guest room bed. I wish it was done now - my parents are coming to visit next week so I will have to go out and buy a blanket to use in the meantime.
Thanks for the ideas about my applique block! I will get to finishing it soon.
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

choosing a BOM block

For the past 14 months my guild has been working on a BOM. Each month a different member chooses a block pattern and gives out instructions. I have all 14 blocks made and for the final block it is my turn to choose. Actually I'm going to choose 2 because I want 16 blocks for my quilt but I only have to supply instructions for 1.
So here is the one I have decided on so far. The name given this block in the book I found it in is Foxy Grandpa :0) That ought to get a smile or 2 on guild night. It is so hard to choose - there are so many interesting blocks I want to try and a never ending supply of inspiration. Then I've been looking at setting options and an alternate block to increase the size...
I've been working on this wreath a bit too. I finally got the two-headed flower to where I am happy with it. The seed pod or whatever that is on the bottom right definitely has to go but I still don't know what to put in it's place. The inspiration block has a flower bud shape I haven't used yet but maybe it won't look balanced until I put on another blue flower. What do you think? I'd be very grateful for some suggestions.
Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

some Christmas sewing

There never is enough time to do all the Christmas sewing that I want to do - so I've started already :0) I pulled out this ufo that I just love - I never got to quilting it last year and I am determined to finish it so I can use it when I decorate for Christmas this year.
The first thing I did was add a couple borders - now its ready to pin baste and quilt. The pattern is last years free Christmas pattern from Marcie over at
I also made a gift this week - another cute little Christmas pattern from Terry Morberg but I will have to wait to post about it.
Happy Quilting!