Monday, October 31, 2011

courthouse steps top

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my previous post! Your encouragement means a lot to me!
A few weeks ago my daughter and I went shopping for the border and backing fabrics for this quilt. I was sure I would get it together that week.... I finally got to it and here it is! (Most of it is showing :0) My very tall husband is standing on a chair and some of it still lays on the floor. It is a very long quilt. Hopefully this will help it stay tucked in at night - an important factor for the 10 year old who plans to sleep under it :0) I want to try free motion quilting this one. All of that length could be a bit of a challenge but there is no way I'm going to stitch this one in the ditch.

I love how warm it looks with all the gold and cheddar fabrics in it. These blocks were so fun to sew! I miss stealing away for a few minutes to sew up one more scrappy block. I really must start another scrappy project soon!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 14, 2011

4 block applique is finished

I am very excited to have this quilt completed! I put the last stitches into the binding yesterday morning and then it was such a beautiful day I had to take it out into the backyard to photograph.

This quilt was inspired by an antique quilt in the collection of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I drew the pattern up myself and designed the borders. Lucy's blog Quilting with the Past was a big inspiration to me at the time I was designing it.

I finished the top about 3 years ago - I had only the cream background fabric I saved for the binding left. Maybe red would have made a more interesting choice for binding?

We've had such a gorgeous fall. I can't remember having flowers blooming this late into October before. Here the apple tree still has lots of fall color.
All the non-quilters I show this quilt to want to know what it is for and what I'm going to do with it. It is hard for them to understand that I made this quilt for the pure enjoyment of making it. It will likely reside here in my chair for the first while. Those non-quilters just don't "get it"!

It really is inexpensive entertainment if you consider all the hours I enjoyed appliqueing and quilting it.

I've added the button for Janet's Trailing Vines quiltalong to my sidebar. I'm looking forward to starting another long term project :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

log cabin corners

I have the setting triangles onto my applique block now. I need to put on the border yet. A friend of mine suggested that I should put a little bit of pink in the border to tie it together better. I think it is good advice so I will put a bit of applique on the border.
It's to be a gift - the recipient chose the blue print that frames the applique block. I plan to quilt this by hand and I want to get it basted so I can start the quilting. Over the weekend I finished quilting my 4 block applique quilt - yeah!! I still need to bind it - I'll post pictures soon! Already I am missing having a handquilting project :0)

The setting triangles were pieced onto big pieces of paper. The pattern for these is in AP&Q magazine April 2001. I've been wanting to try this for over 10 years and I finally did it!

Happy Quilting!!