Friday, February 26, 2010

dresser runner

Here is a new project. It's supposed to be a very cute little square table topper with appliqued borders - a cute, new little pattern from Marcie over at . I got 16 hourglass blocks together and set it on my dresser to admire and... I liked it there. So I made another 16 hourglass units and I think I need about 8 more plus an appliqued border at each end.
It's kind of a new dresser and it just needed a splash of color - oh and if my husband asks - its to protect the wood and paint from getting scratched. :0)
Sorry this picture is a bit dark - its a cloudy day here.
This morning at the LQS I found this fabric in the sale section - its perfect for backing my basket quilt. I did get the borders onto the quilt and I think it all went well. The bias edges behaved just fine. I'll get my husband to hold it up for a picture this weekend - its big!
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

signed and dated

On the weekend I finished quilting the fans in the center part of this quilt. In one setting block I decided to try quilting the year and my initials. I think I should have gone for all 3 initials JLO which would have filled the entire square but ... oh well. I like the idea putting labels on my quilts but the ones I've made are rather uninspiring and so mostly I don't. I've read my Quilts of Virginia book cover to cover (loved it!!) and some of the quilts in it are signed in this way. I thought it would be fun to try.
Can you make out the initials in this picture? lol It's on page 61 if you have the book. Anyway, now that the date is there I better get this quilt done in 2010! :0)
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

basket quilt progress

I have all the blocks together now for this basket quilt for my DD#3. I love the pink and brown together. It gets a narrow brown border and a pink and brown piano key border after that.
I'm a bit nervous about adding the first border - the squares on all 4 edges will be trimmed making the entire edge on the bias. Sew the border on first and then trim I think is the key...but I'm still nervous about it. The pattern for this setting is in the May/June '09 Quiltmaker magazine - I used my own basket block.
Happy Quilting!!