Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a beautiful day for a quilt show

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday when the outdoor quilt show was held at Heritage Park - a large historic village.  There were something like 750 quilts in the show!  Here follows some of my favorites.  
This one was near the entrance.  So pretty and pink in the morning sunshine :0)
 I loved the quilting on this hexagon quilt. 
 This pineapple quilt was lovely.  When I got close I was surprised to see that most of the fabrics were not to my taste yet I think this quilt is wonderful.
 I always love a quilt with lots of flying geese.
 This is the finished zoo quilt that my guild made together.  It was sold at the show and the money raised will help purchase batting and backing for future charity quilt projects.  You might remember I contributed the panda bear :0)
 There were a number of very nice alphabet quilts in the show.  I thought this one was very cool.
 This one was smaller - I like it too.
 I liked the color combination in this one.
 And what great blocks!  The sunflowers are just coming up in my garden outside.
 I just love star quilts with a little bit of applique :0)
 More flying geese.
 This one is very striking - the flowers just glow on the dark background.
There was also an exhibit of antique and vintage quilts.  I'll save that for another post.
I'm making great progress on my ufo project.  I almost have the blocks together and I'll post my progress soon.
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An annual May finish

It seems every year - the day before I have to take it - I finish a quilt for the outdoor quilt show at Heritage Park.  I think having this annual deadline must be good for me :0)  This year's finish is a single bed size quilt for my DD#1.
The pattern is  Rosy Posies from the May/June 2011 Quiltmaker magazine.  I added an extra row of flowers to make it longer -  it is 66"x 100" in size.
 I kinda got talked into using a solid for the sashing/borders.  It works I think - but I still think prints are more interesting :0)
I'm so very pleased with how the quilted feathers turned out.  I usually do the boringest machine quilting so this much feathering surprises me.  They are far from perfect but at least I tried and practice makes perfect (or something like that)
 I even think the back looks interesting.  You can spy a label in the upper right corner.  I almost never label any of my quilts but DD#1 insisted on it.  (I'm usually too excited about starting the next project I guess)
Speaking of next projects...  I have a ufo all picked out and I'm excited to get working on it! 

I'll be sure to take pictures at the quilt show this weekend to share.
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

more 6 inch blocks

I am still having fun playing in my scraps.  Six more blocks have been added to the pile.
 Most of the recent blocks come from this Once More around the Block book.  I have about 10 more block patterns all picked out.  I can't stop now!
 I wasn't planning on making a big quilt of 6 inch blocks but - maybe... 
This weekend I noticed that 2 of the blocks are the exact same pattern. One is scrappier than the other - can you spot it?  :0)
 I decided to try free motion quilting in the petals.  I settled on feathers -the only shape I can free motion quilt with any confidence. 
Now I have to stay focused - I'm giving myself one week to finish all the petals.  2 weeks from today the quilt needs to be bound and delivered to the show venue.  Will I make it??

Happy Quilting!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Doll swap link up

Lori of Humble Quilts hosted a doll quilt swap.  She has a link up posted on her blog now so you can see some of the sweet doll quilts swapped all around the world.  Go see them here - enjoy!
This is the little quilt I made for Barbara.  She doesn't have a blog so I'm posting it for her. 

Happy Quilting!!