Sunday, January 27, 2013

Step 2

I finished step 2of Lori's Abundance quiltalong. I think I must have auditioned 1/2 of my stash before I decided on these fabrics. It was a challenge to find a yellow/gold that worked with the others.  The original doll quilt on Lori's blog is so charming - I wanted to choose similar colors.  I am thinking about adding a border.  It has been such a fun little project  :0)

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Abundance - I like the name of the quiltalong Lori has chosen this time.  I feel very abundantly blessed and have many things to be thankful for.  It is good to be reminded of that.
It was lots of fun to dig through my stash and choose fabrics for this little project.  Here is step #1.  I'm ready for step #2 anytime Lori  :0)
Happy quilting!

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Mom's wallhanging

Last weekend DD#3 and I went to visit my Mom and Dad in Kelowna.  My Mom showed me this top she had completed.  I had helped her get it all cut on my last visit in the summer.  I think it is beautiful.  All of the fabrics she had picked up on trips to Holland and to Amish country in the USA.  The bright blue sashing I especially love - it reminds my mom of the pillowcases her family used when she lived in Holland as a girl.  She plans to quilt it this week.  Go Mom!!

I take back what I said about handquilting this top being a mistake  :0)   I've been enjoying it very much.  I haven't really planned where the circles go - I just mark them where they fit and keep going.  I've been staying nice and cozy under this quilt in the evenings.  I also work on my Vine quilt in the evenings. Panel #6 is progressing.

I've also been making more blocks for my zigzag quilt.  I've got 40 more blocks made and I'm still loving it! (still playing with the blocks too  :0)
Lori has another quiltalong that started today.  It's so hard to resist joining in - she chooses such great projects!  The doll quilt this time is very sweet. 
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

blocks with embroidery

I am happy to have another block made for my Bird of Paradise quilt.  It is my DD#1's block and it would not be complete without her holding a book!

I worked on the grapes while my company was here.  I tried 3 methods for making the grapes before settling on basting them over dimes.  I shot them with a bit of starch and when they were dry I removed the dimes.  They still aren't perfectly round.  Maybe this takes more practice...  ? 
The grapes just looked like floating circles until the embroidery was added.  A friend came over to stitch with me - I feel more confident to embroider with her encouragement.

The embroidery was going so well that when I finished I got out this cherry block and embroidered stems for it too.  I need to have her come back and help me with some of the bird crests on the other blocks!
So only 2 more blocks and the borders left to make for this quilt. Will I finish it in 2013?
Happy Quilting!!