Tuesday, April 4, 2017

border begun

Finally I got started with the applique border for my signature quilt.  Designing my own applique seems to take forever. Happily there is no rush :0)  It's only been 7+ years since the signatures were signed...
 I've also made a few more stars recently for my star-a-day project.   The tin still isn't very full yet but I think this is a good summer project and summer is coming!  I saw my first robin yesterday :0)
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ideas change

I thought I'd better get a quick post in today because for some of my kids spring break starts 
tomorrow.  Days get busy but there is always time for a few stitches in the evening :0)
I've been working (playing) pretty steadily with these 36 patch blocks.  I have so many neutrals to choose and cut I've enjoyed this very much.  As soon as I had 4 blocks made I changed my mind about the setting and I think I will just set these blocks side by side like shown.  It will use less of the 36 patches than my other plan but I think I like this end result better.

This Lemoyne star is for another project - a guild challenge that I can't show much of yet.  I want to make several stars like this one to put together with the challenge blocks in the final top.  This star is 6 inches finished and was it ever easy to piece by machine after all of those hand pieced 3 inch star-a-day stars. 
I have made very few star-a-day stars the last couple of months.  I need to get going on them again if I'm ever to make it to 365. Current count is 53...

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, February 27, 2017

something old feels new

The first time I posted about these blocks was April of 2010 (I just checked)  Wow I sure like to work on things sloooowly!  These 36 patch blocks have been a leader/ender project on and off all that time. This weekend I thought I'd take them out and count how many blocks I had. As it turns out, I have 88 blocks made.  I figure that's enough - on to what to do with them!
I thought about just setting them side by side and make a postage stamp quilt. The squares finish at 1 inch - but I wasn't excited about doing that.   I had a fairly big piece of this red that I had bought for another project that went a different direction and I think it works just great with these blocks. 
So now I have a setting in mind.  I'll make a dozen or so blocks like these 2 and then set them with sashing using more of the 36 patches.  I could just leave it to work on as a leader/ended project but maybe it should get some dedicated time after all these years to get to a finish. 

So probably I won't be making so many of these Tree of Life blocks in the next while.  They sure are fun to sew :0)  It's good to have lots of projects going at once - it keeps things interesting :0)  but sloooow...
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

4 blocks appliqued

Life sure doesn't slow down around here.  I always think there will be more time "next week" to sew and maybe post on my blog.  Oh well - squeezed in between making supper to put in the crockpot and driving kids places there's time today  :0)
 On Sunday I finished appliqueing the fourth block for my Radical Rose and Reel quilt.  (Pattern from Collector with a Needle)

 I wanted to lay out all 4 to get a picture and get a better idea how they would look together but toys are occupying my design floor space...  I found this other spot but the lighting is poor.  Those toys...  I know one day they won't be a problem anymore so in the meantime I gotta love those toys and the kids still playing with them. 
I've also been working on this long forgotten project.  I think I'd been calling it Summertime.  I had all the blocks made over a year ago.  Recently I pieced the half blocks and started cutting sashing.  I wanted the zigzag effect but liked the blocks closer together than setting with triangles so I'm attempting rectangular sashing pieces and I'm hoping to put them together using partial seams but may have to result to set in seams - I'll keep you posted  :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

handquilting progress

Good progress is being made on my Bird of Paradise quilt.  The parallel lines in the background are almost done. I have about 1/2 of one block left to do. 
 It was actually pretty fun to do. 
Here is where my hoop was this afternoon.  The sun came out briefly so it was a good opportunity to lay the quilt out for some pictures. 
It's hard to get the whole quilt in and still have the quilting show.  I can see some areas where more quilting is needed like the girls' skirts.  I want to add veins to a few leaves and there's a vase and a tablecloth needing more quilting too.  I didn't cut away behind the applique so I will likely procrastinate finishing those things until the end ... 
The border is next :0)  More outline quilting will come first.

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

a new year a new project

It's been 2017 for a while now.  I've been pretty busy but still a little stitching happened since Dec 12 of last year :0)
We decided to do a little renovation to our basement family room.  My sewing area is in that room so it got mostly packed up until the drywall dust settles. I just had to still sew so a small space was made in my bedroom to sew with my little Singer featherweight.  I received the Patchwork Diva's book "Treasury of Quilts" for Christmas and wanting to start something new, I pulled a few fabrics out of bins and made these 3 trees.  It was lovely to sew in my bedroom with so much natural light but it will be good to move back into my bigger space downstairs.
 A while before Christmas I managed to get these signature blocks together.  I have the borders cut but with my sewing area so dusty and 1/2 packed away I haven't yet designed or started the applique.  I went without appliqueing for a few weeks and then - suffering some withdrawal - I started on the fourth block of my Radical Rose and Reel.  Wow, did that feel good - I missed it so much - lol!
Instead of applique, over Christmas I worked on this EPP project.  It grew quite a lot. It was a good portable project to work on.
 This last project was a little one I started together with a friend.  I found the pattern in a magazine I have since returned to the library so I don't know who designed it or what the pattern is called.  I was intrigued by the blocks - made from 2 charm pack squares.  It's kind of small to use as a table runner so I will likely add on some applique and/or borders...
 I thought I'd show a close up of one block.
 Other than that, I worked a fair bit on my Bird of Paradise hand quilting.  I've nearly finished quilting the centre of the quilt but the borders will take a few months more.  I will try to get a picture of it to post next time.

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

something I find very interesting!

A package came in the mail - I was very excited to open it and see the fabric inside.  Windham fabrics has a new line out called Vine Inspired By Susan McCord and I just had to order some to see it in person.  Having spent years appliqueing this quilt - one panel at a time - I was very interested to see their cheater cloth of the same design.
 So here it is - laid across my finished top.  (the cheater cloth is on the right)  It is a bigger scale than Quiltsalott Janet's pattern and bigger also than the original I believe but I haven't seen the original for myself.  Janet found out about this line and had emailed me about it in the summer. 
 It has 4 panels across the width of the fabric.  It's so flat, smooth and light compared to my top.  For a few seconds I toyed with the idea of using it as backing.  It would make my quilt reversible - LOL!  Perhaps not...
 My vine
 Printed panel vine
 Of course I had to have a few other prints from the line :0)

And handquilting continues on my Bird of Paradise quilt.  I am really enjoying it!  The 1/2 inch parallel line background fill is going faster than I thought it would.  I shouldn't be surprised though - what's not to like about handquilting??

Happy Quilting!!