Monday, May 18, 2015

5 years to finish

Well it only took 5 years but I finished my Crowfoot quilt!  Here in the evening sunshine I think you can see the texture created by the handquilting. I love this marvellous texture!
 I have to deliver it tomorrow to the park for the outdoor show this weekend.  Last Monday I realized I had just days to finish it. 
 I'd been slowly working on the fill-in parallel lines between the feathers in the border and the outside edge.  Not very exciting to quilt I had left it all for the end.  And then there was binding fabric to find,  make binding, apply and handstitch down.   This quilt is 94 inches square and I "burned the midnight oil" a few nights last week to get it done by Friday.
 We went away for the May long weekend and got home this evening but there was still daylight left for a few outside pictures.
 Maybe too many pictures :0)
 Here it is on our bed where it will go when I get it back from the show next week.
I started quilting it 21 months ago. I am excited to start quilting the next project but it's not quite ready yet. I feel a little lost with nothing to put in my hoop. I will get it ready soon!

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

slow going borders

I haven't had anything to post for a few weeks.  I'm plugging away on the same 3 ufos.  I'm getting very close to having the handquilting finished on my Crowfoot quilt.  I have 2 branches left to applique on Trailing vines panel #12.  And, as I want this for my next handquilting project I have been adding borders to my lily quilt.
 It took a long while to cut, sew and trim all the hst's for the pieced border.  I had thought to make a more interesting pieced border but the math was easy to just do hst's and I didn't want this quilt to get a whole lot bigger.
 So, today I sewed the hst's together and added them to the quilt.
 I like it - simple but adds something I think.
 I pulled out the fabric I had bought for the wide final border - the one I want to put lots of handquilting onto and - I still don't like it. 
 It's just too yellow.  I tried 2 quiltshops already looking for a different cream fabric with no success.  I guess I will have to go a little further to a couple more.  The shop in Canmore has the batting I want to put in it so I have to drive out there anyway.  (about an hour drive)  I can always use this too-yellow piece on the back.
And its a good thing to finish a few things...  I could not resist picking this Jen Kingwell book up.  There are some exciting projects in here but I may have to take up hand piecing because the ones I like look hard.

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

the worst block

I finished the block with its red center  :0)  It is probably one of the worst blocks I have ever made - it is not flat and it puckers on the curves.   But, I love it anyway and I am SURE that all of it's problems will just quilt away - lol!
 I also found I had another signature to make a block for.  I spread out all the blocks and finally made a decision about how I am going to set them.  I have changed my mind about this project several times but now I want it done!  I need to make one more block and then borders...
Oh dear- why do I always get stuck at this stage?

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

not much new...

It's been awhile since I last posted.  Spring break was in there - always a busy week with the kids.  There has been some stitching happening but not much that's interesting to show.
 My friend and I worked on our Circle Game quilt one morning.  This block was so hard!  The curved inset seams just about did me in.  It is far from perfect but I really like it so I'm just going to use it as is.  I still need to choose a fabric for the center circle.  I'm thinking it should be red  :0)
 I have the first 2 branches of leaves appliqued onto vine panel #12.  I really want to hurry this project along to a finish but with 250 (or so) leaves per panel rushing seems like the wrong word to use - lol!  I have a loose goal of one branch per week.  Steady progress will get it done.
 I am getting very close to a finish with handquilting my Crowfoot quilt.  I completed the feathers on the border this week and all that remains now is diagonal line fill in quilting (not as exciting to do as feathers)  I like how the feathers filled in underneath my initials and date.  I wasn't sure how it would look to put feathers only on one side of the stem but I think they frame it nicely.  I've entered it into the outdoor quilt show in late May and it should be done on time.

It snowed all day Monday again this week.  As you can see it is melting fast and I appreciate the signs of spring that are appearing.  Spring comes very slowly where I live - it tries my patience every year.  Happily there is always lots of color to be found on the shelves and table in my sewing room :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2 more to go

I finished my Susan McCord Vine panel #11 yesterday and today I added it to the growing top  :0)
 It is getting difficult to photograph. A picture outside would be nice but we had snow again on Monday and it was wet, muddy and cold out today.
 With just 2 more panels to applique the top is close to full size now.
 There's nowhere in the house to lay it out flat to take a picture.
 That didn't stop me from taking pictures though. Every panel completed feels like an accomplishment and taking pictures is kinda like celebrating :0)
This panel had lots of large, pieced leaves - my favorite!

So, I thought I would pull out my Bird of Paradise quilt and work on the side borders but since I haven't designed them yet it was easier to print off panel #12 from Janet's blog Quiltsalott and get started on that.  I feel a bit panicky if I don't have some applique prepped and ready to stitch and that's a silly thing to lose sleep over - lol!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a finish and a question

I finished machine quilting a new table runner for my coffee table.  I'm always happy to finish up with machine quilting - its not my favorite...
 I did very basic quilting - straight lines I can use my walking foot to do.
 Here is on the coffee table.  It does a very good job of covering up the dents, holes and marker scribbles of the last 15 years.  It is lighter than the other one I made for this table -it should be good for spring and summer.
 I had a hard time choosing binding. I almost used a dark brown to frame it a bit but in the end I decided on this fairly solid red.  I just barely had enough.  This was a good project for using up last bits and pieces.
I really, really wanted to start something new but...  this quilt has been calling my name again.  I would really like to finish it - its been a ufo for a long time.  Yesterday I pulled it out and added the outer row of sashing and corner posts.  Most of it was even already cut.  I need to push through with this one and finish it while I still like it. 

Unfortunately, I don't really like the fabric I bought for the border anymore.  (This picture doesn't show it very well)   Its just too yellow for my liking.  I also think it needs something more for a border than just a wide plain border.  A row of hst's or zigzags made with flying geese - something fairly simple.  What do you think this quilt needs for a border?  Any thoughts?  I'd be happy for any advice you have to offer.  Thanks!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

progress is progress

I am still working away on the handquilting for my Crowfoot quilt.  I started quilting it in September of 2013.  I was so sure it would be finished by this past Christmas and now I'm wondering if it will be completed by late May in time for the outdoor quilt show.  Oh well, it'll be done when its done!  Last night I started on the 4th and final border.  I decided it was time for my initials and the year.  
 Can you make them out?  " JO  2015 "  I was almost going to quilt them in blue thread so they didn't standout too much and detract from the feathers - lol!  I can hardly see them in white thread so I'm glad I went with white.  While I was drawing the numbers and letters I got out my other quilts with stitched dates and initials.  My daughter walked in to see what I was doing and remarked she had no idea that there were dates stitched into these quilts a couple of which we use all the time in the livingroom  :0)  
I also got the surround pieces on one more of my Circle game blocks.  This was the slightly too big block.  I don't mind that the points got cut off a bit - at least I tried to cut them all off more or less evenly :0)  I am still debating about the circle that's slightly too small...

Happy Quilting!!