Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The binding is finally on and my Lily Quilt is finished!  It's been a WISP (work in slow progress) from the very beginning.  I first posted about this quilt Oct 14/2009.  That's slow even for me.
 But today as I take a few pictures - I still love it. 
 I especially love the texture of the handquilting. 
 I struggled to choose binding for this quilt.  I wanted a softer look with a creamy beige but my quilty friends as well as the quilt kept telling me it needed blue.  I was happy to find this older blue at the LQS as most of the fabrics in this quilt I used up a long time ago. 
 It's 82 inches square. 
 I finished the hand quilting in 2018 so I think the date is close enough ;0)  This is usually all I do for a label so in years to come maybe someone will think I made it on the occasion of my 18th birthday - lol! 

Of course as soon as I finish something I have to start something new!  Barbara Brackman started a mystery applique BOM called Hospital Sketches on her blog Civil War Quilts.  I was delighted with the first block.
 Block #2 comes out next Wednesday.  I can't wait!
And, slowly I am making progress with handquilting my Trailing Vines quilt.  I am outlining all of the leaves.  There are a lot of leaves in this quilt!  I have finished the first of 13 panels and started on the second.  I will need to think of something to quilt in the narrow sashing. 

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Trying to avoid starting something new

Yesterday was an exciting day.  I took my quilt and with a lot of help, long arm basted my Trailing Vines quilt.  It is now ready for handquilting.  I was so excited to get started last evening. I did put a few stitches into it - enough to realize that it is going to take awhile to quilt around all those leaves...  lots of turning of the hoop.  I wonder if Susan McCord quilted hers in a frame - I bet unlike me, she could quilt in more than 2 directions. 
 I'll post a picture of the handquilting progress once there's enough to look like something. 

A New Year must equal a new project - right?  In effort to resist, I went through my bin of ufo's.  This little wallhanging has been waiting for some quilting for a looong time. 
 It was quick to add the brown borders, handquilt the center, machine quilt the hourglass blocks and put on binding.
 All it needs now is a hanging sleeve.  (this finished picture is dim - an overcast day today)
 I did some sewing with my DD#3 - she turns 11 this week.  She wanted to sew some pants for her doll.  I think they turned out really well :0)

I also made 2 blocks for a guild project. 
 A robin
 and a hairy woodpecker.  It felt like a new project for a little while :0)
 I made some hot mats for the kitchen.  They were a really quick project and much needed - my old ones looked terrible.
I also made 2 house blocks for the Paradise Fire project in California.  I used the instructions on Lori's Humble Quilts blog from Diane Knott's book.  They were fun, also a little like a new project.
So I have resisted starting something new so far.  Of course there are plenty of other projects I can work on.  Those ufo bins have loads of potential...

I finished appliquing the final block for my Radical Rose and Reel quilt.  As excited as I am to put all 9 together - I'm anxious about trimming them.  They need to trim down to 24 inches and my largest ruler is 20 1/2 inches.  I will procrastinated about it for a few days.  I found another ufo to work on in the meantime... 

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, December 31, 2018

what I've been up to

I wanted to end the year with a post of some of the projects I've been working on.  It's been a few months so there's lots :0)
 In anticipation of meeting up with some longtime internet friends I did a little applique, a little handquilting and made 2 little zippered pouches to give as gifts. 
 It was fun to try quilting them 2 different ways.  I could not pick a favorite.

I also took a class with Helen Frost while I was in Houston.  The class was called Starstruck.  She had an different method for cutting and a few other tricks.  It was interesting and I enjoyed it very much. 
 She had this mirror tool to try different layouts with diamonds once they were pieced in rows.  It was cool to see how different they looked.
 I decided on option 2.  I didn't get it completely together until a few weeks later.  Now I have to decide what to make with my star.
 Using the leftover cut off bits was fun too.  There was no way I was throwing them out.  I made this little mini quilt for a friend.  It was quick to machine quilt and bind. 
 I also participated in a sew-a-long with Temecula Quilt Shop in the weeks leading up to American Thanksgiving.  Wow!  I had no idea we were making a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt!  It was so doable broken down into sewing 9 patches and 4 patches etc... 
 I worked on it a little bit everyday until it was a completed top. 
 It was a nice idea to get it quilted and have a new Christmas quilt but...  it didn't happen.  Maybe in time for next Christmas.  I do love how scrappy it is :0)

I also finished the 8th applique block for my Radical Rose and Reel quilt.  8 blocks does not make a very pretty picture but its exciting to see it nearly ready to assemble.  There will be borders to applique yet so lots more stitches to enjoy for this project. 
So that should nearly catch me up.  I look forward to lots of lovely quilty projects in 2019!

Happy Quilting!!  and  Happy 2019!!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Marvellous antique quilts

Another very wonderful part of Houston International Quilt Festival was the antique quilts.
  After I stopped to see my own quilt in the show I hurried into the vendor area to see for myself these booths full of antique quilts for sale.  I'm sure the first few antique quilt vendors thought I was a little nuts - I was that excited.  Even now - looking through my pictures I can't believe all the amazing works of art I was able to see and touch.  The vendors were very kind and patient with me - I came around and visited each booth at least once a day to see if anything new was on display and I wasn't disappointed. 
 Mary Koval's booth was a real favorite.  She was very welcoming and happy to talk with me about her lovely quilts. Honestly I wanted to see every single one but since I wasn't buying I could hardly make her unfold each one. 
 This one had the most marvellous quilting motifs. 
 This is one Mary did unfold for me - the photo doesn't do it justice - it was incredible!
 Julie Siber was another vendor who very kindly would talk antique quilts with me.  Her assistant Deborah was very fun as well.  This trapuntoed quilt was unbelievable!  Such fine, lovely quilting - and so graceful!
 Even folded there was so much to admire and be inspired by.
 Jane Lury had a booth full of wonderful quilts too.  Can you imagine the time to quilt these 4 parallel lines all around the border
 Cindy Rennel's and her husband were very welcoming at their booth too.  They let me prowl around and take a few pictures.  This quilt had the most amazing stuffed buds.  I can't imagine sleeping under a quilt with such puffy buds ( Probably wasn't intended to be slept under...). 
So many amazing quilts - it was such a treat just to see them!
I love a feathered star quilt.  This one was exquisite. 
I also really enjoyed meeting Julia at her Pique booth.  I can't find any pictures from her booth however  - I was probably too busy talking with her - she was lovely and her quilts were fabulous too. 
Are you feeling inspired??  I sure am :0)
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

International Quilt Festival

I had the most amazing time at International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas!!  I was so excited to be able to go!  I had entered my Bird of Paradise quilt in the "In the American Tradition" exhibit and it was accepted so I had to go see it!  Back in the spring I boxed up my quilt and shipped it away.
 So, the first thing I did on arrival was find it in the show.  It was displayed so nicely.  I was vibrating with excitement that first evening at the show, hardly knowing what to look at first.
 I was very much looking forward to meeting quilters that I know from their blogs.  Judith Ebbelaar from the Netherlands was the first one I met. I felt so welcomed with a big hug.  It was wonderful to get to know her and see her in person.  She was working very hard at the Dutch Heritage booth in the vendor area.  Such a beautiful booth and such gorgeous fabrics. 
 I have been gifted with Dutch chintz fabrics before but never able to shop for them myself.  It was difficult because I wanted it all  :0)  I know I will be starting a quilt with these fabrics soon.  I can't wait - they're so gorgeous!
 The next morning I got to meet Kyle and her husband Ed.  She was every bit as delightful as I thought she would be from her blog that I have enjoyed for so many years.  We visited and shopped and viewed quilts together.  I loved every minute it. 
 I also got to meet Lori of Humble Quilts.  I've followed her blog for ages and have made several of her doll quilt quiltalongs. What a fun supper we had!
I have been blogging for 10 years and had never met any of the friends made through blogs until this Houston trip.  It was so great!
Barb of the blog Fun with Barb had her Mother's garden quilt in the show.  Barb was the one who encouraged me to enter my quilt.  I'm so grateful to her for believing in me.  I wouldn't have been in Houston if my quilt hadn't been accepted.  Her quilt was marvellous.  I kept coming back to it to find new details to enjoy. 
 Wendy of The Constant Quilter had 2 quilts in the show.  This one was scrappy delightful.  I loved the little stars on cheddar reaching from the center block to the border. 
 Karen of Log Cabin Quilter blog had her beautiful Shenandoah Valley quilt there.  Loved the chocolate brown background. 
 This quilt Old Voices was by Cynthia Collier and Peggy Morton.  I got to meet Cynthia at the show and enjoyed talking about applique quilts with her.
Teresa of Fabric Therapy had her beautiful prize winning Contentment quilt in the show.  She also made a Civil War Bride Quilt years ago and I've enjoyed following her blog for several years. 
There is so much more to tell so I'm going to make another post to share about the antique quilts and others I enjoyed in the Show - hopefully later this week :0)

Layer Cake Custard Quilt

I had the opportunity to participate in another quiltalong with the Fat Quarter Shop.  This time I made the Layer cake custard quilt.  It was a fun and fast quilt to make and a really good pattern for showcasing large print fabrics. 
 I chose the Crystal Farm layer cake by Laundry Basket quilts because of the beautiful large floral prints in the line.  (Yes,that is snow on the ground.  It's all melted now but we had lots!)
 I cut the whole quilt out before I started sewing - something I've never done before.  I loved it because I could zip down to my sewing machine and stitch even if I only had a few minutes to sew. 
Very quickly the top was together and I basted it on the floor in my dining room.
I decided simple quilting was a good choice for a soft and cozy quilt.  I quilted diagonal straight lines with a few feathered vines interspersed. 
 It was completely finished in under a month.  I am astounded that this is even possible for me. Usually it takes years for me to get to a finish.
I decided to try another new thing while I was at it - machine binding.  I watched a YouTube video by Kimberly here and gave it a try.  The first side was not amazing, but the second side went a little better and the 3rd and 4th sides worked great. Just a few hand stitches on the back will fix up a few spots where I missed.  I was impressed at how quickly it went. 

So one final picture of the whole quilt laid out on the floor. 
If you want to see the rest of the Layer Cake Custard quilts made by others in the quiltalong check them out here on the Fat Quarter Shop blog.

Happy Quilting!!