Sunday, January 17, 2016

on the final stretch

 It's about time I posted some progress on my Bird of Paradise quilt.  I finished the 3rd border sometime ago and attached it but there was a small empty area that I wanted to fill in and I just got that appliqued a couple days ago. 
 I was able to make a reverse pattern from the side border by turning it over and with a rigged up "light box" I traced around the stitching on the back.  Stitching the final border will go quicker I think with a pattern in hand.
 A few closer pictures of the squirrels. 
 Here I added a couple of buds and some leaves to tie the top border together with the now added side border.
 And, since it was laying out on the floor I thought I would look at my progress so far on the final border. There's still a few more leaves and flowers to go but I'm on the home stretch  :0)

I finished a small project this week too.  I've needed a new bag to carry around my handsewing supplies for quite awhile.  The handles on my favorite old bag are in shreds - kind of embarrassing to carry around - people would think I don't know how to sew (or mend)  I haven't switched over yet - the old bag is kind of like an old friend.   Silly me :0)
 I tried a new free motion quilting design.  I was surprised at how easy it went.  It's a bit dense and stiff for a quilt for sleeping under but just fine for a bag.
I should try new things more often...
Happy Quilting!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016

It's been a busy year so far.  I haven't had time to show you the little toy that was under the tree for me this year.  I think it's adorable :0)  Its a Singer Model 20 toy sewing machine.  It is small and very lightweight in spite of being all metal.  It is a chainstitching machine so there is only thread on the top - no bobbin.  It is also a handcrank so I can now bring it with me and sew anytime and anywhere :0)  

I took it with me to my inlaw's over Christmas and worked on the little pieced border for this bird applique.  I didn't quite get it finished though.  After I came home I got busy with other things.  I need to get back to it.
 I've been working away on these Wheel of Fortune blocks.  I need one more I think for the layout I want to do.  I have not decided yet if I will make half blocks for the top and bottom.
 45 blocks makes a pretty good pile.
I'm really ready for a scrappier machine piecing project though! 
I think I'm getting a little better at making these Star-a-Day blocks.  While I don't love it yet I think I dislike it less :0)

They sure are cute.  I have a bunch more cut out now - they are a very good, portable project.  They could become a doll quilt - no one said I had to make 365 of them.   I certainly do not get one made per day - lol!
Happy Quilting!!