Wednesday, January 8, 2020

a new old project

I've started to gain momentum on an old ufo.  I'm quite excited about it again.  Back in 2014 I started making 6 inch blocks.  A friend of mine was finishing a Nearly Insane quilt and had started a Farmer's Wife quilt - both sampler style quilts made with 6 inch blocks.  I just wanted to play in my scraps and make some blocks.  I took block books out from the Public Library and chose blocks to make.  I made quite a few blocks with no real plan in mind.  And then...  they got stuck in the ufo bin.
 I happened upon a picture online of Carrie Nelson's Blockheads 1 quilt.  It too was a sampler style quilt made with 6 inch blocks.  I loved her setting.  She added plain sashing around the blocks, grouped them in 4's and then sashing them again with flying geese.
 So I laid out some of the blocks in groups of 4 and started making scrappy flying geese.  Lots and lots of them!
So far I have the blocks grouped in 4's and sashed.  I stitched strips of geese in 10's and I've started to add them.  It's been a fun project to work on and I will get this to a finished top before too long.  I'm still uncertain what I will put in the intersections of the flying geese.  You can see the holes where carpet shows through in the top photo.  I'd welcome any suggestions you might have :0)

I like it when an old project feels exciting like a new project :0)
Happy Quilting!!