Saturday, June 27, 2015

new projects

 What is it about new projects?  So exciting :0)  This project is a result of my emergency sewing that I started back in December.  I had a mini charm pack of Potluck and I started making hexies.  Well this week the hexies became flowers and now I'm thinking about what to make with them.  (and wishing I had bought 2 mini charm packs...)
I like them with this busy grey polka dot.  I'm probably going to make a pouch or bag.
 I love the bag with handles on the cover of this book that I repeatedly take out from the library but would need twice as many hexies to make it.  (another mini charm pack...)  I will play around with them until a plan forms.
This is the fabric I am going to use in my new quilt patis project. Pretty bright for me I know but so happy.
 I got started today even though I'm not at the beach yet - I couldn't wait!
I've been studying and drawing squirrels for my Bird of Paradise border.  This was the result. Now to stitch him down before he runs away :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

lots of variety

I've been loving variety lately.  Some days, like yesterday I worked on 5 different projects.  I finished handpiecing this sunflower and I appliqued the centre onto it.  It's not perfect but I did enjoy the process by the time I got to the end.  I have more handpiecing planned :0)  This block will become part of a small wallhanging once I figure the rest out.
 I pieced the last star into my Patis star project. The top isn't finished as I want to put half hexagons in along the sides and add a border all around.  The portable part of this project is now complete so I will be starting a new project with the quilt patis later this week.  I simply must have some good handwork for the beach!
 This is another new project.  I bought a big piece of the blue floral a few years ago and it's been bothering me that its still sitting in a bin.  The blocks are from the book "History Repeated". Right now I think I will use the blue floral for a zigzag setting but this may change:0)  I need a lot of these blocks so there will be lots of time to think about it. 
I was in the mood for these bright happy colors.  It's summer - Yahoo!

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

borders on

I finally got the borders put onto this Lily quilt.  I drove out to Canmore to the wonderful quilt shop there and I found a good cream fabric for the borders.  It's not too yellow or dark and has only a little bit of pattern so the handquilting I am planning for this project will stand out.  Now I can procrastinate about basting this...  It's 85 inches square so it will take awhile.
 I hate basting...
Since its an hour drive out there I thought I would make a day of it and I threw my bike in the van too so I could cycle to Banff after my shopping. It was a gorgeous day!  The biking took just over 2 hours roundtrip and I loved every minute of it!  It's such a scenic ride and the path is excellent.
So, I forgot to get enough fabric for binding while I was there. (must have been too excited about the bike ride)  I almost wonder if red binding might suit it.  I'll worry about that once its quilted - next year sometime if everything goes well :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

getting really close

It's been nearly 2 weeks since I took the last stitch in panel #12 of my Susan McCord Trailing Vines quilt.  May and June are such busy months!  I took the nearly finished top outside today for some pictures.
Out by the garden - not too much blooming yet.
 I like it with a little sunshine dancing across it. 
 I've started on panel #13 - the last panel.  Hopefully by the end of the summer this will be a finished top!
 We went camping on the weekend.  Our annual June trip to Shunda lake.  I sat and sewed in my favorite spot.  It was beautiful weather for some outdoor sewing by a mountain lake :0)  I worked on a side border for my Bird of Paradise quilt.
My 2 older daughters and I hiked around the lake again this year.  We were rewarded with these beauties on the very far side of the lake.  These wild orchids are so exquisite :0)

Happy quilting!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

another doll quilt

The doll quilt that I made for the swap has arrived at it's destination. Katy's and my quilts crossed in the mail.  Surprise - we had each others names!
So this is the little quilt I made for her.  I wanted to use a variety of double pinks - my favorite repro color.
 I was a bit pressed for time to get this little quilt done so I opted to do both machine quilting and handquilting to finish it.  I went around the flying geese with the machine and did the center motif and the triangle quilting in the navy by hand. 
Of course the binding had to be pink :0)

It was such a fun little project to plan and make.  I look forward to the linkup on Lori's blog to see all the swap quilts together. 

Happy Quilting!