Tuesday, July 30, 2013

summer runner

I thought I'd do something brave and post a picture of me in a bathing suit - lol!   This is DD3# and I at the beach last week.  We went to stay with my parents for the week and it was so hot the only thing to do was to go swimming.  We had a lot of fun!
 This post is actually supposed to be about this table runner.  I finished it but I'm kind of disappointed with it.  I decided to use the blue fabric for the border. The green was fresh and pretty for spring but spring is long gone.
 I love these fabrics and the Nosegay block but, it turned out way too big and my machine quilting is pretty bad.
 Here it is on the table.  It's more like a blanket than a runner.  Oh well - I'll use it for now and make something else for fall.
We had to visit an orchard while on our holiday.  These pretty early peaches don't seem to mind the heat  :0)   I brought back a boxful to freeze for cobblers this winter - I better get at it!

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

basted and ready to quilt

I had plans to sew this week.  I always overestimate how much I can get done :0)  One project was to piece the backing for my Crowfoot quilt.
 Next was to get it basted for handquilting.  I was going to try the Sharon Schamber method or at least use a table but...  I am such a chicken and went with my reliable floor basting method.  This is a large quilt - much larger than any I had thread basted before.  It took 3 long evenings to baste.  Wow, did my knees and elbows pay.  I hope I've learned my lesson and will try something different next time!  
Now though, I look forward to all the happy hours I will spend hand quilting. 

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

a little finish

Before I left on holidays I finished quilting my Harmony top.  I think I like to handquilt larger projects because they fit in my hoop better. (Maybe I just need more practice.)
 The binding had to wait until I got home.  I chose this rust print because the reds looked too bright and none of the browns were quite right either.
It still is quite puffy but it's growing on me.  :0)

The kids are all either away at camp or at day camp this week.  I have lots of sewing planned!
Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

old quilts

I'm back from our family summer vacation and I have some pictures of lovely old quilts to share.  DD#1and I spent a morning at Bobcaygeon Settler's Village.
 They have several beautiful old log homes moved to the site.  And upstairs in this house I found...
 This marvelous little crib quilt.  Oh how I wanted to unfold it to see the whole quilt.  I was thinking there might be a few more quilts to see here.  I was not disappointed!
 More charming log houses later..
 There was this gorgeous silk log cabin quilt with only a few of the silks shredding.
 This was my favorite!  So much beautiful quilting!!
 It was well loved and used.
 But not quite used up :0)
 Another well loved quilt with great fan quilting.
 A bed turning revealed lots more!
 I hadn't seen this block pattern before.
 I think some of these quilts might have been brighter once upon a time.
 This was a thick, heavy, wool quilt.  So simple and so striking.
 Another pretty crib quilt.  I love the soft, pretty pink fabrics in it.
 Another great logcabin quilt
 I love that big, bold polka dot print that shows up as a large black dot here and there :0)
 Lanterns with such a nice quilted design in the open space.
What a beautiful place to visit and with such a treasure trove of beautiful old quilts.

Happy Quilting!!