Wednesday, April 30, 2014

soccer season quilting

Soccer season continues here at our house.  With 3 kids in 3 different leagues there is soccer every day but Friday.  The weather has been pretty good so far which means I've been able to do some sidelines stitching on my stars.  This is such a great take along project - my little tin of supplies fits easily into my purse.
 I think this will be the 3rd season for this project.  How far will I get with it this year?  :0) 
 I've also been spending as much time as I can machine quilting this Cheddar posies quilt.
 DD#1 wants it to be in the quiltshow the last weekend of May.  Deadlines are good for me to get things finished.  I hope I make it - there's still quite a bit of quilting to do yet. 
I dislike turning big projects with my machine so instead of going in the ditch around the flowers (my usual method of machine quilting) I am putting diagonal lines in the blue.  I still haven't decided what to quilt in the petals.  I may try to free motion quilt something if I'm feeling brave.  I'm open to suggestions if you have any :0)

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a gift given, a gift received

Lori of Humble Quilts is hosting a doll quilt swap and I couldn't resist joining in. We were supposed to use Civil war repro fabrics and immediately I knew I wanted to use Turkey reds.  
 Here is the doll quilt I made.  I flipped through several books looking for a pattern but in the end I just chose a 6 inch block and made 4 of them followed by a few borders.
 I would have liked to have quilted it by hand but it had to be mailed by April 20 and I wouldn't have been able to make that deadline quilting by hand.  Here is a closer picture showing the machine quilting and the fabrics a little closer.  I mailed it yesterday - I hope my swap partner likes it!  It was fun to make. :0)
On Monday my mailbox had a large exciting envelope in it!  My swap partner Anne from California had her doll quilt in the mail early!  What a pretty, sweet surprise inside. 
These colors are perfect for spring and for Easter!  She raided a friend's stash for the fabrics - I'd like to raid that friend's stash too - I love the fabrics :0)  Thanks so much Anne - I love my little quilt! 
Thanks to Lori too for hosting the doll quilt swap!  I look forward to the "link up" so we can see all of the little quilts made for this swap.
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

circle in a square

I finally got back to my Circle Game quilt again this week.  It has to be on hold for a bit because I am working on it with a friend and during soccer season my evenings are very full of (obviously) soccer!

 So this past Monday my friend had the day off and we spent the morning sewing together.  I was sure I would get so much done.  However, it took over 2 hours to get this one circle inside a square.  (the before picture is below) and it's still not done because it still needs the center circle to appliqued down.
 I'm sure the rest of the circles will go into their squares much faster...  lol!  The upside to this is I am getting a lot more confident with set in seams :0)
 Here are four more 6 inch blocks.  I'm up to 20 now and I'm still having so much fun playing in my scraps.  Maybe I'm making a big quilt of these after all??  I know there are scraps enough to make more than one large quilt :0)
And, I embroidered another bird crest.  The stitches might be a bit wobbly but progress is happening.  There are still no faces yet.  Slow progress is still progress!

Happy Quilting!!