Friday, December 30, 2011

jingle bells, jingle bells...

I made one more quilty gift for Christmas - placemats for my Sister-in-law. I used some Amy Butler fabric if you can believe it.
I was a bit unsure of myself sewing with these brights but I was pleased with the results. They should be a colorful addition to their kitchen.

We went to visit DH's sister's family farm to spend Christmas. There wasn't a lot of snow but enough for a sleigh ride in a one-horse open sleigh :0) The horse wore the jingle bells. The kids thought it was pretty special and you could hear them singing Jingle Bells from the far end of the field.

I took a picture when I was a passenger too but it wasn't very flattering of the horse :0)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

I wish you a very Merry Christmas!! It's an incredible event to celebrate!!

I managed to start and finish one more little project this week. DD#1 had a stocking made for her by her aunt. She liked it but it didn't match the stockings I have made for her brother and sisters. So, this week she and I made the blue stocking with the red mittens. She helped choose the fabrics and kept me company while I sewed. It was fun to work together :0) I still have one more to make for my DH. We use an old, very ugly stocking for him that we don't hang up at all. (just fill and put out on Christmas eve) Next year I'll get his made... then there will be 6.

This next project was a Christmas gift for a very good friend of mine. We belong to the same guild and always our guild does a secret 12 days of Christmas gift exchange. It was very hard to keep it a secret from her that I had her name. She makes amazingly lovely quilts so I was a bit afraid to make one for her. I decided to do something different - something round.

The pattern for the flying geese was in the July/August 2008 Quilters Newsletter Magazine. The applique I drew up myself. It was fun to work with these bright, happy colors.

I wanted to handquilt it for her but the paperpieced flying geese were a bit bulky and I also ran out of time. So, I just carefully stitched in the ditch and filled in the open area with a heart for friendship.

She called me this morning, after opening it. She was excited about it - that is a gift to me :0) To make something and have it be appreciated gives me great pleasure.

I hope you all find great pleasure in celebrating Jesus' birthday!

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

four sevenths

I finished another branch on my vine. There are supposed to be 7 on this panel so I guess I am 4/7 ths finished :0)
I know Janet has mentioned that it is hard to photograph a panel. I would have to agree.

Christmas is so soon now. I hope I will be ready!

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am very grateful for all the advice people offered the last time I posted about this project. Janet pointed out that because this block is on point - a simple crosshatch would end up on the straight of grain. I would have NEVER thought of that. I decided to take her advice and go with straight lines 1/2 and 1/4 inches apart.
I showed it to DH and he remarked that it looked like a whole lot of work to him. To me it looks like a whole lot of fun! It hasn't come too far yet. I've been busy working on a couple Christmas presents and I can't post about them yet.

I had a stencil the right size for the corner triangles so I marked before I basted. It was marked lightly with pencil so I thought I better quilt them before it rubbed off.
I am still pondering what to quilt in the the pieced blocks. Part of me wishes they weren't there at all. I would like to design and quilt a wholecloth quilt one day. Just think of that whole big surface with no seams to quilt through... sigh... :0)
My trailing vine panel is progressing slowly - I'm almost halfway - lol. I love the silk thread for the pieced leaves - it's working very well.

I hope with all your holiday preparations you are finding a few minutes to sit and stitch!

Happy Quilting!!