Tuesday, December 12, 2017

falling behind

So Bonnie Hunter's mystery is not for the slow and busy sewer.  Wow! there are a lot of units in the last 2 weeks worth of clues.  I am conceding that I will fall behind.
One of the fun things about her Mystery link up posts is seeing how people arrange their completed units - experimenting to try and solve the mystery.  Here are units from the first 3 clues arranged together.  This was how Grace B (link up person #12) had arranged hers and I thought it looked fun.
I cut and sewed and cut and sewed and got all of my clue #2 units made - oodles of flying geese.  
For clue #3 I have only just a handful of units made.  I hope to get a bunch more made before Friday's clue #4 but I know already I won't be done :0)
While I was waiting for clue #2 to be released I had a try at a Circling Swallows block.  Barbara Brackman had posted about this block here back in July on one of her blogs and I was wanting to give it a go.  It was fun!  This block will be an extra to go with my guild challenge blocks.  (once I finish it) 
Well, back to the sewing machine Christmas preparations for me  :0)
Happy Quilting!!