Monday, January 15, 2018

finished but not posted yet

I finished a quilt just after Christmas that I haven't posted about.  This quilt I've been calling Not Toasty is for my 13 year old son.  He was eager to start sleeping under it - mostly because I made it extra long so it will stay tucked in on his extra long twin bed.  

I really should have a picture of it on his bed but his room has been a little chaotic of late...  So, here it is in my room instead :0)
It's hard to photograph such a long quilt.  It was wonderful to free motion quilt this on my new (well it still feels like new) Juki sewing machine.  The tension was perfect on the back every time.  The extra harp space was wonderful for maneuvering this large quilt. 
I didn't want it quilted too heavily as I wanted it soft and comfortable for sleeping under.  The stitches might not be exactly the same length and a few awkward spots happened with my quilting designs but overall I am very pleased with the results.  He chose the pattern and colors.  It's Just Toasty by Betsy Chutchian in the Oct 2016 issue of AP&Q. 

With that finished I can relax and enjoy no quilt deadlines for awhile :0)  I laid out my 2 side borders for my signature quilt a few nights ago.  I think I can applique a few more flowers on the ends of these and still have room for some corner applique so I haven't started on the bottom border like I thought I would. 
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Mystery link up

Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt was a fun distraction alongside all the usual busy Christmas festivities.  I was excited to see the final reveal.  I just love the blocks. I have most of the parts made but have only managed to get 4 blocks done so far.  Here they are laid out with the sashing pieces.  

 I actually love the blocks laid side by side without the sashing pieces shown below. I will make all the blocks before I decide how I will set them together.
It's a bit strange to have so many block parts made - its different to store them than completed blocks.  I have bags and containers and boxes full of parts so the blocks should go together quickly.
Here is a link to Bonnie's mystery link - up so you can checkout what other people made.

There had to be some applique to work on while I was away visiting family.  I prepped another block for my guild challenge project. I drew this Mexican Rose block and it was quick to stitch up (a little too quick - I hate running out of hand stitching)
Today the kids went back to school so hopefully I can get some other applique prepped now. 
Happy Quilting!!