Tuesday, June 18, 2013

slow progress

Every spring, soccer season arrives at our house and I get crazy busy.  This week is the first week that's not so crazy.  Finally, I have time to post.
Soccer season is also a good time of year to work on my hand pieced star project. I work on this at soccer practices and at the orthodontist...  everywhere.  Slowly it is growing.  I'm a bit stuck for pink at the moment.  There hasn't been much for new pretty repro pinks lately. I am always using pink so my supply is getting low.  Also, I was hoping to make all of these stars different without repeating fabrics.  Hopefully I will find some quilt shops in my summer travels :0)
 It's such a fun, portable project!

I have also been doing a little hand quilting.  I remembered to get out my Harmony top to finish it.  I basted it with a little scrap of wool batting I had lying around.  Maybe wool wasn't the best choice for a quilt of this size - lol.  It's a little too textured (puffy) for my liking.
 I am now going in the other direction to complete the crosshatching.  Maybe more quilting will flatten it a bit.  It sure is easy to needle and a relaxing project to work on in the evening after a busy day.
 I made another Solomon's Temple block.  So fun to piece!
 This weekend we went on our annual fishing/camping trip.  It was a bit windy, cold and wet but I did manage to take a few stitches in my favorite spot by the lake.  I am almost 1/2 way done panel 7 for my Trailing Vines quilt. 
Slow progress is still progress!!

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pictures from the show part 1

There were so many wonderful quilts at the quilt show.  I took a lot of pictures. There was a special applique exhibit that has some marvelous quilts that I'll share next post.   These are just a few - enjoy!
 This quilt was SO fun.  It was huge!  Can you imagine sleeping under all these pink flamingos?  :0)

 This is a vintage quilt.  I loved the pattern and it had some fabulous fabrics in it. I sure wish my picture wasn't blurry.
 Like these cowboys  :0)
 And this wild, pretty print.  This could be leftover fabric from someone's dress?

 This pineapple quilt had a great border of smaller pineapple blocks.  So scrappy!

 I adored the quilting on this quilt.  I think it was done by machine but it gives me ideas for handquilting.
 This one was so eye catching.  The scrappy blue background is so rich.

 Loved this applique.

Another pretty scrappy quilt. 
More soon!
Happy Quilting!