Thursday, July 30, 2015

handquilting again

I am very happy to be handquilting again!  Other than a few stitches in the doll swap quilt I made I haven't been handquilting since May when I finished up my Crowfoot quilt.  I have really missed it.
 It's a bit warm to have all this quilt on my lap in the summertime but I open the window and let the cool evening breeze in.
 I won't mention how I basted this quilt.  I'll let the picture disclose how big of a chicken and how resistant to change I am.  Now that wretched part is done and there is nothing but fun ahead!
 I wanted to try a wide backing so there wouldn't be any seams in the back to quilt through.  I couldn't find any that suited and so I ordered this Moda muslin wide backing. I am happy with it so far but it sure shows all the wobbly stitches on the back.  Maybe this will force me to be a bit more careful!
 So far I am just outlining the applique.  I'm not sure how I'm going to quilt the rest - I hope it speaks to me as I go :0) 
My quilt patis project continues to grow. I love the colors and the pattern emerging but I am finding it a bit controlled - I usually like things to be a bit more scrappy than this.  When I run out of those aqua fabrics I will know I'm done.

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

beach sewing

Whew - summer is busy!  We've been back from visiting my parents (and the beach) in Kelowna for almost 2 weeks.  I made a good start on my new quilt patis project  :0)  
 I love how these colors look together. 
 Here you can get a glimpse of how this project will fit together.  I am eager to see it grow!
I also hosted my quilting group's summer potluck and the "luck of the pot" was very yummy!  There were SO many desserts :0)  This cake was particularly impressive and I had to photograph it. 

I hope to have more to post later this week.  (this is the week the kids go to camps)
Happy Quilting!!