Thursday, February 28, 2013

1st doll quilt

My little 5 year old and I finished her 1st doll quilt.  Actually she uses it with her little stuffed animals.  She is very proud of herself and has been asking to make another :0)   We will - soon!

DD#2 hasn't finished her quilt yet. She's working on more complex blocks - she made a lot of progress.  I thought I'd show the handkerchief she embroidered for me for Christmas. I was so surprised - I had no idea she was making me one.  I had been hinting back in the summer when she made one for her friend.  I'm so glad she remembered!!  I just LOVE the palm tree :0)

As for my own projects, I have been staying focused.  I've made good progress on at least 5 different quilts but I really don't have anything to post.

Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

quilting with my girls

DD#2 had an extra day off from school today. DD#3 only has Kindergarten in the morning.  We made good use of our afternoon together!!  :0)  They are each working on making a doll quilt.  I got to be the very proud Mom and assistant cutter/ironer/pinner.  What a lot of fun!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

what I've been doing

I haven't posted in a while but I've been doing a lot of sewing. I made PJ's for my 4 kids. They were very eager to have them made and and if I got caught doing any "other" sewing I was in trouble :0)
We had a fun evening of hexie making with my guild a couple weeks ago.  I don't think I'm going to start a Grandmother's flower garden quilt or anything but I spied this project in the Spring 2013 Primitive Quilts and I think I will make a couple more flowers and applique them onto something.  

I've also been working away on my Susan McCord Vine quilt panel #6.  I finally ordered the Fons and Porter book after borrowing it multiple times from the library.  The middle of Panel #6 is right in the middle of the quilt - it's not quite halfway but I'm getting close :0)
I've also been working on machine quilting my courthouse steps quilt.  Isn't the quilting lovely?  lol - I decided to stitch in the ditch (every other ditch) and let this quilt be all about the fabrics.  It is a very large quilt and with all the seams and the warm and natural batting it is VERY heavy.  It is taking forever to finish this one!
The squirrels have been enjoying our bird feeder.  We get lots of entertainment from their antics.  I'm going to put a squirrel on my next Bird of Paradise block but perhaps not hanging from the bird feeder like this one  :0)
Happy Quilting!!