Wednesday, September 30, 2015

handquilting progress

Progress continues with the handquilting on my Lily quilt. After I finished outlining the stems and leaves I decided to quilt little wreaths around the cornerstones. I don't have a template and so they are a bit quirky - adds charm right?

 I'm doing half wreaths along the edge and 1/4 wreaths will go in the corners. 
 After that, I have no idea what I will quilt next.  I hope it comes to me.

I can't seem to stop making these pots full of happy flowers.  My 7 year old saw these blocks laid out and remarked that they needed some fabric thingies in between them.  I think she's right :0)  They will need some sashing.  I'm pretty sure now that I will be making all 9 blocks like the pattern.

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall stuff

Thanks so much everyone for all of your congratulations on my last post.  I continue to think about my next big applique project. I want to choose carefully - there are so many tempting options.  In the meantime I have appliqu├ęd another pot full of flowers and have the 3rd block prepped.  This will be a good small project to tide me over my indecision :0)  The flowers are just so happy.

 I worked a bit on my Bird of Paradise border.  Progress is slow as it takes forever for me to plan and prep.
 I had to take yesterday afternoon to make tomato sauce.  I can't keep up with eating tomatoes and they are so yummy from the garden.
 I also made these 2 fox faces.  What fun, easy blocks.  Our guild is making a donation quilt with Elizabeth Hartman's Fancy Fox pattern.  I think it will be fantastic!
I was so pleased my sunflower bloomed this week.   Quite often the squirrels will climb up and chew the flower buds off before they bloom.  I was also glad it bloomed before we had our first frost last night.  It's such a short growing season here - but beautiful!
This should inspire me to get back to working on that wallhanging for my DD#1 with the circle I handpieced this summer.
Happy Quilting!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Done, done, done

Susan McCord was a pretty amazing quilt designer!  Janet Treen made a fantastic pattern!  And I had hours and hours of fun appliqueing leaves to make this quilt.  I'm a bit sad to be done but I know I will enjoy each leaf again when I handquilt this top.  

It's a large top - difficult to photograph inside - so I waited for a nice day to take some outside shots.  (quilt holder #2 is a cutie pie - DS really had to reach to hold it up off the ground  :0)

I'm excited at all the possibilities for my next applique project.  I know I want to start another big project. This top was 4 years in the making and that's just fine.  I enjoy the process :0)  
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


With my Trailing vines panels finished up I was in need of a quick-to-prep applique project for a weekend away.  We were visiting family so I knew there would be time to sew.  
 I prepped this block from the Renee Plains book "A Bird in hand".  Fast and fun to prep there are 9 blocks just like this in this pattern.  I should have prepped more as stitching this down went fast too.  I am undecided if I will make 8 more.

This afternoon I finally had time to add the last panel onto my Susan McCord Trailing Vines quilt.  It was a nice surprise to find I had the top and bottom borders cut out and ready to sew on. 
I am very excited to have this top complete!  Started back in Nov 2011 these panels have travelled so many different places with me.   I want to take some nice pictures of it so I will show more soon.  I plan to quilt it by hand.  Will I be able to wait until my current handquilting project is finished before starting??