Sunday, August 24, 2008

baby quilts

I was away this past week. I took my kids to visit my parents in Kelowna BC. I didn't get much sewing done so I thought I'd post pictures of my first 3 crib quilts.

This first one is my very first quilt. I made it 9 years ago with cardboard templates and I cut the triangles out with scissors. I machine quilted it without a walking foot and the fabric content is questionable. However, I was hooked and have been quilting ever since.

I had a bit more experience when I made this quilt. You might think that I have a family of boys from looking at these quilts but these first 2 quilts are for my first 2 daughters. I never wanted to find out the gender of my babies until they were born - but I did want the crib quilt to be ready.

This quilt I made after my son was born. I had been saving the Noah's ark fabric for awhile and fussy cut the star centres. The animals don't show well in this picture so I've included a close up of one of the blocks.

Crib quilt #4 for my youngest daughter is in my second post so I won't put that picture in again. All
along my DH wanted to know the gender of the babies and so with pregancy #4 he got to have his way :) and I got to make a pretty pink crib quilt at last. And yeah - I mean last!

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MARCIE said...

Love all these quilts. That last one is put together in such a clever way!