Thursday, December 11, 2008

candy canes

I finished this little wallhanging just in time to enjoy it this Christmas. It hangs on the wall opposite the front door. My son was quite excited about this one when he heard that it was supposed to hold candy canes. I think he thought he would be allowed to eat one whenever he liked - sadly for him ... I think not.
I especially like the snowman fabric I found for the border. I tried something new with the quilting of it. I wanted to very carefully stiple around the snowmen in the border - I'm not very good at free motion quilting so I bought some Press'n Seal - stuck it to the fabric and drew the path to follow on with a marker. The Press'n Seal worked great but my free motion quilting still needs LOTS of practice.
Happy Quilting!


JohnR said...

that's a lovely wall hanging. how festive! hope your dear son enjoys a candy cane (or 2!) =)

Bizarre Quilter said...

This is very cute! Snowmen don't really fit our view of Christmas in Australia, so I tend to avoid for Christmas. Maybe I use them in warm and Wintery projects.

Re: practise for your free-motion quilting (we couldn't see your quilting in this photo), but I have a suggestion. Use a spring loaded embroidery hoop about 7 inches across and try to stipple small inside it. THe hoop will give you something to hang to. It is much, much easier to free-motion little things.

Go on! You can do it!!!

THanks for visiting my blog.
Loz in Oz