Thursday, January 8, 2009

a little gift

I finished this little gift yesterday and gave it to a friend today. It is a free pattern from
Marcie is kind to offer these free patterns - this is the 3rd free one I have made.

I haven't made any more progress on my scrap quilt - I did see an antique quilt on Bonnie's blog in the Corn and Beans pattern that I have been considering for a few days. What I really need to get working on is a crib quilt for the baby my brother and his wife are expecting. I'm so excited for them - it will be their 1st. Their little son is due to arrive next month so I better get to work on it! I really like making crib quilts - they are an easy size and its sweet to think about the little one who will sleep under it :0)


Karen said...

Marcie is indeed a generous person. You did a great job on the project.
I came to visit you so I could meet you after your kind comment on my blog.

Kathie said...

this is such a nice little quilt. What a great gift idea. Yes Marcie is very generous with her time and free patterns.
did your friend love the little quilt?

Lucy said...

What a cute gift! a darling

MARCIE said...

What a sweet surprise to come for a visit and see that you made that cute litte quilt! Hope you are keeping warm up there in the northland!