Monday, June 22, 2009

another ufo

I have been busy sewing basket blocks and 25 patches but since I posted about that last week I will show you a ufo that I have sitting on the shelf.
I got the blocks from a "pizza box" challenge with my guild. We put some fabric and some guidelines and one completed block in the box and passed it around to everyone in the guild who then made a block for your box. I really like the blocks and I got busy right away and made the setting triangles. And now I am stuck - I don't know what to do about borders. I sort of want the quilt to be larger. I've thought I would like to make wide appliqued borders for it but I'm not sure if it would be too much for an already busy quilt.
We went camping over the weekend at a beautiful mountain lake near the town of Nordegg. Nordegg is a mostly abandoned coal mining town. Several old buildings have been boarded up a long time. I like this one - the blue doors always make me smile. :0) I wonder what the building was used for... plus the view is wonderful!
Happy Quilting!!


Janet said...

When traveling, I take pics of doors and windows. I can see the attraction. This UFO deserves to be finished, its great. I like to set off the center with a narrow band of accent, in this case 1/2" of red. Then what ever you decide, applique or plain, it will stand out.

Rose Marie said...

A border of red followed by a blue piano key border and then if you want, another border of red will give this quilt a calming effect and increase the size. You have so much going on in the center that it needs something to rest the eye. If you want to do applique, simple would be the way to go.

MARCIE said...

Charming little building! And your blue and red quilt is wonderful. Great stuff!

Marilyn R said...

I really like the way you set your blocks together. Stunning! I am in agreement with Rose Marie as to her border suggestion. This is really going to be a stunning quilt!

Niki :-) said...

nice 2 meet u :)
That's a beautiful quilt. Looks like a donation quilt for QOV quilts of valor :) hugs. niki in hot az