Monday, July 26, 2010

busy summer

Summer is going by way too fast! Last week we spent 4 lazy days on the beach in Kelowna which was wonderful. I wish it was a longer season...

Before I went away I managed to get the short sashing strips sewn onto my Crowfoot blocks. I'm liking how it looks but ... What am I going to do with a 70 inch square quilt? So I guess I need 9 more blocks to make it queen sized :0) Didn't this just happen with another quilting project? lol
They are such fun blocks to make so I'm sure it will go quickly. I will have to start repeating the fabrics in the large squares though.

I am still happily making these Courthouse steps blocks. At some point this is supposed to become a leader/ender project.

My girls and I were invited to a "Secret Garden" party. Last year's theme was "Little House on the Prairie" and my very talented friend made little quilts for all of the girls. You can see them here. This year she made these adorable aprons. There were 9 in all and no 2 alike! My girls just love them and so do I.

Happy Quilting!!


Miriam said...

I love your Crowfoot blocks. Great colours!

Gorgeous girls and cute aprons!

Crispy said...

Lovely blocks and BEAUTIFUL girls....they are so dang cute in their aprons!!!! I'm glad that your's was the last blog I read, now I can shut the computer down with a smile on my face :0)


Dixie Howard said...

Your crowfoot blocks have turned our great, and your girls are adorable in their aprons. So sweet!

Lori said...

OMGoodness! The girls are so darn cute in their aprons!! (They'd be cute without aprons too)

I am seriously loving both of your quilt projects!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! that is one really amazing party hostess! Sounds like you all had a lovely time. Those aprons are so adorable!

xo -E

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to say that I love your crowfoot blocks! They are coming out beautifully. And the log cabin project is really fun too.

xo -E

Barb said...

what cute girls - love the apron idea. I really like your star blocks and your courthouse steps are so tiny and sweet - love them.

Rose Marie said...

Those Crowfoot blocks are gorgeous!

MARCIE said...

I remember when your friend made the little quilts last year. The aprons this year are adorable too! What a friend!!!
Your quilts are great, as always. The colors just speak to me!

Carrie P. said...

Oh, I remember those little quilts. Your girls are darling in their aprons.
Your blocks look so great and I like the sashing.

Valentina said...

How cute are those girls of yours!
I remember the quilts! wow, now aprons: surreal!
Funny! I have an aunt that lives in Kelowna!
Love how your quilts are coming along, and I am with you, a quilt should have a functional size...
I still can't believe those girls!
Bless You!