Tuesday, August 31, 2010

new projects

It was not my plan to start something new. Neither was it my plan to spend 4 days in the hospital with DD#1 (she had a nasty asthma attack that wouldn't resolve) While sitting in emergency for hours the first night I was just itching for something to sew. Both of my handwork projects are at the stage where they are too big to carry around so...
When my husband relieved me for a few hours to come home and shower ect... I grabbed a recent magazine, a stack of fabric and my handsewing bag before I went back. I decided to try hand piecing again. These stars are the result. I think I need a LOT more practice. :0)

Last night I had a chance to get back to this border applique project. This is the first corner appliqued. I can't decide whether it should have a couple more leaves under the corner flower. DH says not - which surprised me. He doesn't very often have opinions about my quilting projects. What do you think?

And after over a year of resisting - I succumbed and bought the pattern for this lovely quilt. Maybe I should have stopped following the blog - lol. Lizzie has already invited me to join the blog and I'm excited (and a bit intimidated) to be a part of that. As soon as I get the other 3 border corners finished I'm going to get started on it.
Happy Quilting!!


Barb said...

I love that blog...and I was getting sucked into it as well...but I have to be strong...such fun blocks.

Hope your daughter is doing better.

Mary Lou Casada said...

I love the applique border!! And I know exactly what you mean about the Civil War Bride! I have the patterns but I've promised myself I'll finish something! before I begin it! LOL I can't wait to see your progress.
Mary Lou

Evelyn in Canada said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she's doing okay now. And I think it would look more balanced with two leaves just under the corner flower.

Crispy said...

I hope your daughter is feeling MUCH better, how scary!!

I think it needs the two leaves too. So far I have managed to resist that quilt and with wanting to order 3 other applique projects I'll probably not do this one. I'll have fun watching you make yours :0)


Lori said...

Sorry you had to spend time at the hospital. I hope your dd is better.
Nice little stars!!!
Love your applique border.

Ann Champion said...

I'm sorry about your DD needing to go to the Hospital, but it gave you a chance to make some cute little stars?
I like your applique border as is..but you really could go either way? Since DH gave you a rare opinion, if you don't follow it will he be hurt?
I completely understand that Civil War Bride sucking you in. I have one that got me too! I need to clear up a couple of other things so I can pack up my mess before starting something new though. :)

Valentina said...

Dear Janet, I hope your daughter is feeling better.
I love the border as is! And if hubby has an opinion, maybe consider it. I like the fact that it visually rounds off the border keeping your eye looking toward the quilt. I really like your little stars!
and I am just going to ignore the rest of the post, if you don't mind...lalalalalalalalalala!

Dixie Howard said...

Spent some time in the hospital with my youngest daughter when she was five - scary and not fun. Hope your daughter is better now. Love your little stars. Lesson to all of us to have a handwork project on the ready, just in case!

Barb said...

I think your stars look great. sorry to hear about DD hope she is doing well.
The applique border is awesome. I've been so wanting to do a dark, rich folk arty quilt myself.
I'm happy to hear your doing the CWBQ. I follow the site, but haven't caved......yet

Marilyn Robertson said...

Having hand work close by when a loved one is ill is always comforting. I can't read as I am distracted, but having my hands busy is a plus. Your little stars look great! I agree with hubby, I like the border as is, but it is your quilt so you need to be happy with it. :)

MARCIE said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better. What a scare! Your stars are beautiful, and I love -what? Is it Corn and Beans? It is great and the border is wonderful!

*karendianne. said...

Janet, do hope your daughter is feeling much better and your stars are lovely. Absolutely beautiful. Don't stop. Keep going!