Monday, September 27, 2010

Peahen block and a finish

I finished my first block for the Civil War Bride Quilt/Bird of Paradise quilt. It's supposed to be a peahen - from my internet search (studying their feet mostly) I learned they are not really this colorful. Oh well - I like this block and am excited about starting the next one.
The feet were a real challenge. My first attempt at them was pretty bad. I redrew them, picked different fabric and tried again. Spreading out those toes helped a bit. I know it needs an eye and that head thingy (crest?) those are to be embroidered when I work up the courage to try that.
This was my first attempt at the feet. My 2 year old declared they look like hands. :0)

I was very happy to finish this quilt for India. Friday evening at 11pm I finished sewing on the binding and Saturday morning after breakfast I delivered it to the church. There's nothing like a deadline to get things finished up!
I did some very simple machine quilting.

I hope it brings some cheer and warmth to the child who receives it.
Happy Quilting!!


Janet said...

What a wonderfully colourful quilt for India, she'll love it. The feet are folk art so they're perfect!

Teresa said...

Congrats on your first CWB block and your colorful finish! I ended up changing some of the feet on mine because I agree with the 2-yr-old...all the feet DO look like human hands. (out of the mouth of babes...)

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Karen said...

I like the fabric you chose for the peahen. Especially the circles.

Mary Lou Casada said...

You started the CWB!! :-D I'm so jealous! LOL I fell in love with the pattern when I saw it, but can't start it just yet (Circuit Rider needs to be finished first). Love your peahen and her hands! LOL I would have done exactly the same thing (you should see what I did with the Feathers in the Circuit Rider! LOL).
The India quilt finished up beautifully, didn't it? I think your "simple" quilting was just right -- some lovely texture to complement the colors and design!
Mary Lou

Lori said...

Your block is fabulous! And I think the feet/hands are perfect too!! :)
I'm sure someone will be very happy to recieve your wonderful gift.

Crispy said...

Yep this is more colorful than the normal pea hen but is gorgeous. I think the feet are just fine, they always seem to be the hardest part of a bird to make IMHO :0)

I LOVE the donation quilt, so bright and cheerful, perfect for a child!!


Peg said...

Lovely block - and the pea COCK is just the colors it should be LOL!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Saw your post on the CWBQ blog and had to come visit! I hope to start this fantastic quilt soon as well.
Cheers, from MB, Canada

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I like your feet...they look incredibly fiddly, but you've done a great job!

Barb said...

Your feet look great and the block is beautiful.
How lovely of you to make a charity quilt that is so nice!

Dixie said...

The peahen block looks wonderful, and the feet look great. It isn't easy to do such intricate applique. The donation quilt is so colorful and made with love, so the lucky child who receives it will cherish it forever!

Marilyn Robertson said...

I think your peahen feet are great! Those little pieces are soooo hard to do. I am sure the child who receives your beautiful quilt will be delighted to receive it!

Ann Champion said...

Your CWB block is wonderful! I love the Peahen. You did a great job on the foot redo. Those fiddly bits can be tricky?

Your donation quilt looks so cheerful and fun. You can be sure it will be treasured by whomever receives it. :)

Carrie P. said...

Your block looks great. The feet don't look like hands now that they are on the bird. Well done!
Love that border on your quilt.
thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment on the Christmas blocks. It has been a fun swap. Waiting on more to do.

Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

The bird toes on the quilt are amazing! I can't imagine how SMALL the must be!