Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am very grateful for all the advice people offered the last time I posted about this project. Janet pointed out that because this block is on point - a simple crosshatch would end up on the straight of grain. I would have NEVER thought of that. I decided to take her advice and go with straight lines 1/2 and 1/4 inches apart.
I showed it to DH and he remarked that it looked like a whole lot of work to him. To me it looks like a whole lot of fun! It hasn't come too far yet. I've been busy working on a couple Christmas presents and I can't post about them yet.

I had a stencil the right size for the corner triangles so I marked before I basted. It was marked lightly with pencil so I thought I better quilt them before it rubbed off.
I am still pondering what to quilt in the the pieced blocks. Part of me wishes they weren't there at all. I would like to design and quilt a wholecloth quilt one day. Just think of that whole big surface with no seams to quilt through... sigh... :0)
My trailing vine panel is progressing slowly - I'm almost halfway - lol. I love the silk thread for the pieced leaves - it's working very well.

I hope with all your holiday preparations you are finding a few minutes to sit and stitch!

Happy Quilting!!


Quilt Hollow said...

WOW..this is going to be one stunner!!!

Janet said...

It looks like a whole lot of gorgeous to me! I feel inspired to quilt now.

Kathie said...


Barb said...

Your choice of the lines is great. Your stitching is beautiful.
What an heirloom this will be!

Cheri said...

Janet, it is turning out beautifully. I wish I had as much love for hand quilting as you do. Something will come to you for the pieced blocks, it always does as you are working on a quilt.
Happy Stitching,

Lori said...

How gorgeous is this going to be?! Lovely quilting!!

Dixie said...

Your quilting is just beautiful - what a treasure this little beauty is going to be. Just started taking a hand quilting class, and we don't meet again until February - so inspiring!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your quilting is splendid!

I'm about a day away when I can breathe a sigh of relief and all the worse of the busyness will start to settle...I should get back to blogging and more entertaining things like Christmas movies and sewing very soon!!

Ann Champion said...

Your quilting is gorgeous! I'm sure a design will come for the blocks. After seeing what you've got going so far, I have complete faith that you'll decide on the perfect motif. :)

Carrie P. said...

good advice from Janet.
I didn't think about that either. I like the way it is looking so far.

MARCIE said...

Lovely! You always do such a beautiful job!

Miriam said...

Beautiful quilting!

Purl Buttons said...

Very crisp colors, I like your quilting decisions.

libbyquilter said...

what beautiful quilting~!~i really like the idea of staggering the spaces between the straight lines. simple but very effective.

i know exactly what you mean when you write about "that whole big surface with no seams to quilt through". i have this same fantasy.
i agree with everyone else: the quilting ideas will present themselves for that space when the time is right.

seeing this post has given me fresh inspiration to get to my hand quilting today ~ LOVE seeing those tiny stitches~!!!~