Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer star sew along

I couldn't resist the little star block that the Temecula Quilt Co posted to begin their Summer star sew along. It's a cute little 4 1/2 inch star. They are going to do one a week through the summer. That should be easy to keep up with... :0)
One thing I love about their blog is the way they create beautiful pictures to show their blocks/quilts. They have wonderful old things that they expertly combine to make beautiful pictures. I thought I'd give it a try, however, I don't have much old stuff (DH prefers new stuff). I do have a few things from my Grandmother- like this old spool and the marvelous gingham bias tape. My Grandmother was 98 when she passed away. She had only a small drawer to keep a few things in. This bias tape was one of the things. She wasn't exactly doing a lot of sewing at that point anymore - she must have really liked this bias tape :0) I like it too!
We had a nasty hailstorm a couple days ago - nasty in duration not size. The next day at noon you could still find hail lying around on the ground. It pretty well wiped out all my flowers. I know they will recover... Summer is a short and temperamental season. I'm happy I can quilt all year round!!
Happy Quilting!!


Cheri said...

Cute star and good composition on the photo. I have a couple things from my Grandma's sewing box, a pack of JC Penney's needles with a 5 cent pricetag, and a thimble. My whole sewing room is like a big scrapbook with little sentimental treasures from this or that. I can not believe the hail in your yard, the little purple flower petals look very sad laying in it.

Carrie P. said...

whoa! that is a lot of hail.
cute star. I am planning to do that quilt too.
I wish I had more of my grandma's stuff. I have a few things that were hers but not any sewing stuff. She was also 98 when she passed.

Jeanne said...

Love your little star block and the gingham bias tape. Sorry about your plants. They will recover.

Barb said...

great star block. I'm attracted to star quilts in the summertime.
That hail is incredible!!! Poor flowers

Dixie said...

I love the gingham bias tape too - are you going to make a project with it? The star block is adorable, and hope your flowers come out of it ok. Really love the peach project you posted last time!

MARCIE said...

So true about quilting all year long! Can't believe you are getting hail! Hope things warm up for you. Your block is darling and so is your setting. I hope you can find something wonderful for the gingham bias tape. What fun mementos you have!