Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Back in May I bought my very first fat quarter bundle. I fell in love with this California Girl line by Fig Tree and I couldn't resist.
I haven't even opened it yet.
However the door was opened to buy more Fig Tree fabric - oh dear!
I've always admired it but bought little thinking it didn't really go with the rest of my stash. I need to begin making something soon or I'll start feeling guilty about buying so much. At first I was thinking about a Farmer's Wife quilt or some similar 6 inch block sampler. I just can't decide... so
I keep working on my Susan McCord vine quilt. I have only 2 more branches left to do for panel #4 and the fun of sewing on hundreds of little leaves hasn't worn off yet :0) I just love working on this project!
On a personal note - My youngest daughter is starting Kindergarten this fall - next week. She's only 4 1/2 and I thought I'd have her home with me for another year. However, she is SO ready to go - practicing all her numbers and letters and trying so hard to read by herself. She is confident and fun loving and will have a marvelous time. I am so NOT ready for her to go. I've had little ones home with me for over 13 years. I like having little people around - they are such good company. I know I should be embracing this - all the freedom and maybe even more time to sew. But instead, I feel like this wonderful chapter in my life is slipping away...
Thanks for listening :0)


Lori said...

The CA girl line is so pretty! I'm sure the perfect project will reveal itself soon!!

I have a hunch you'll only be sad for a little while. :) Sure sounds like your youngest is ready for school! How exciting for her!!

Barb said...

Sounds like a bitter sweet time for you in your mothering career. It also sounds like she is excited to go and a be a big girl. I can understand why you are torn. I always cherished the "after school moments" when they were excited to be home and I was excited to see them and hear about their day -
in the meantime, sewing is good company!
pretty fabrics to play with

Janet said...

What a lovely stash of fabrics. I always love to hear about the vines of course.
The last one to go away from home without you is tough but I bet she's excited.

MARCIE said...

Feeling your pain of your last little one off to school. She will brighten your day when she comes home with stories each day.

Dixie said...

Ah Janet, its a poignant time, but it will be so fun to watch her enjoy all the school activities like her older siblings do. I had a similar feeling when my oldest started jr. high, but she just started blossoming that year and it was nice to see. Take care and reward yourself with making something with the fun new fabric. I have seen hexagons made with it and they are fabulous, and you would get to enjoy every square inch so much!

Carrie P. said...

the CA line is one of my favorites.
yes, it is a sad time when our children grow up but you are in a new season of your life too. enjoy it.