Monday, January 7, 2013

blocks with embroidery

I am happy to have another block made for my Bird of Paradise quilt.  It is my DD#1's block and it would not be complete without her holding a book!

I worked on the grapes while my company was here.  I tried 3 methods for making the grapes before settling on basting them over dimes.  I shot them with a bit of starch and when they were dry I removed the dimes.  They still aren't perfectly round.  Maybe this takes more practice...  ? 
The grapes just looked like floating circles until the embroidery was added.  A friend came over to stitch with me - I feel more confident to embroider with her encouragement.

The embroidery was going so well that when I finished I got out this cherry block and embroidered stems for it too.  I need to have her come back and help me with some of the bird crests on the other blocks!
So only 2 more blocks and the borders left to make for this quilt. Will I finish it in 2013?
Happy Quilting!!


Barb said...

Happy New Year Janet!
your block looks wonderful and I love your personal touch of a book.
Your berries look great to me. I have a tutorial on my blog, but most people don't like my method, lol. There are extra steps.
Whatever works, and yours are working beautifully.
I love the table block. I was in a group that made this quilt and that was the block I made.
looking forward to seeing all you blocks together.

Jan said...

Your blocks look great, Janet! I don't do anything special with my berries beside tracing to background and using a very narrow allowance to turn under.
I do have a question for you. Are you using embroidery floss or the fine perle cotton? If floss, how many strands? I have some stem embroidery coming up in a day or two and need to make a decision. Thanks!

Cheri said...

Yes, you will finish it this year. I love the DD block. You are getting so close!

Emma said...

Yeah!!! I like the cherries with the stems. It didn't seem like it was missing anything but boy does it add to it.

Let me know when you want to tackle the birds.

Every Stitch said...
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Every Stitch said...

Ooops accidentally messed up that comment - try again:
Love the blocks and the embroidery is great - adds definition :)
Every Stitch

Carrie P. said...

Just beautiful!. I think you will finish the quilt this year.

Janet said...

Your block looks fabulous and Id be happy with those grapes. I think we get a bit tied up with perfection sometimes but still, it's good to find a method that suits for the results you want.

Lori said...

What beautiful blocks! I'd never know you were worried about the embroidery. It is perfect! And I've never known grapes to be perfectly round, have you? Happy new year!

Dixie Howard said...

Hi Janet, your blocks are gorgeous, and your grapes look perfect to me. You are right - the embroidery adds so much. This is going to be an amazing quilt! Happy new year!

Teresa Rawson said...

Yes you will finish it in are so close!

I love your daughter block...the fabrics in her clothes go so well with all the grapes! And your table block is so charming.

Yes, you will make it, and it is going to be stunning!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Gorgeous blocks...your appliqué is always so precise!

Lynette said...

What a pretty block! I love the touch of the book. And your banner pic is just amazing. :)

Bev said...

Those are amazing blocks! Just beautiful! I've finished my first block on that's so much fun, isn't it!

Gorgeous work! WTG!

Cheery wave from