Monday, July 15, 2013

a little finish

Before I left on holidays I finished quilting my Harmony top.  I think I like to handquilt larger projects because they fit in my hoop better. (Maybe I just need more practice.)
 The binding had to wait until I got home.  I chose this rust print because the reds looked too bright and none of the browns were quite right either.
It still is quite puffy but it's growing on me.  :0)

The kids are all either away at camp or at day camp this week.  I have lots of sewing planned!
Happy Quilting!!


Dawn said...

Beautiful finish.
I have a piece of pre-quilted fabric that makes a half hoop to of my hoop. I use it to pin the edge of little projects to. I also use it for the edges of big quilts.
Your quilt looks great!

Every Stitch said...

Lovely - you have done a beautiful job! love the diagonal crosshatching.

Kathie said...

oh I just love this quilt and your quilting always impresses me. I love the binding choice.
its a beautiful little quilt.
enjoy your week :)

Lori said...

Super cute and I think it looks vintage!!

Jane in Wales said...

That looks really nice. I am glad it is growing on you, it would be a shame to tuck it away somewhere...

Carrie P. said...

looks very pretty to me.

Anonymous said...

I love the final result. All the colors complement each other wonderfully. It reminds me of a somewhat cowboy theme. Thank you for sharing.

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