Tuesday, November 5, 2013

quilting progress

I thought I would share with you the progress on my handquilting project.  I have 5 blocks quilted and 5 sashing sections as well.  There are 25 blocks in the quilt as well as a wide border so I'll be at this for awhile yet :0)  
 Then there's this new project I started yesterday.  This one I can blame entirely on a friend!  We were browsing the LQS a few weeks ago and she picked up this pattern and suggested we should make it together. 
 I've been wanting to make a quilt with round blocks for a long time but felt unsure of whether my sewing skills were up to it.  My friend is unafraid of the challenge these blocks present so together we will work on them.
 As much as I liked the quilt on the pattern - I would need an entirely new stash to make anything like  it so I dug out all my Minick and Simpson fabrics and will use those instead. 
 You can see how different her quilt will be.  We made these together last night.  I picked the easiest block to start :0)
DH and I had a weekend trip to LA planned for this past weekend.  As it turned out Friday was not a good day to fly into LAX.  With a detour to San Diego and a bus ride up to LA we made it just in time for the basketball game that evening for which the trip was planned.  I could not believe the weather.  It was like a beautiful summer day. We saw these beautiful roses as we cycled by the beach.  At home it snowed- nearly a foot.
It was good to enjoy the warmth before heading home to boots and winter coats.

Happy Quilting!!


Cheri said...

Your new project looks like fun, especially doing it with a friend. Great picture of you on the beach :). No snow here yet in Nebraska but I am sure it will be any day now that we are in November.

audrey said...

Great work on your stitching! Love how hand quilting adds so much texture. The new project looks fun, esp. to be doing it with a friend. What a great idea!

Carrie P. said...

your quilt is looking really good.
Oh, I love the quilt you and your friend are going to be working on.
At least you prepared for warm weather compared to yours.

Karendianne said...

Sure enjoy watching your quilting progress!!!

Those blocks are a delight. Fun. Look forward to more.

JohnR said...

Glad you had a great trip. From smelling roses to shoveling snow in the same weekend! And Spurs beat Lakers! =)

Lori said...

The beach? The sun? Fabulous!! I'm having a hard time preparing myself for winter.
What a fun project! And working on challenging quilt parts is so much better when done with a friend.
The quilting is fantastic!! Way to make progress.

Jane in Cumbria said...

I love the look of your hand quilting! Your new project looks lovely with those colours!

Bev said...

I have that pattern too! I'm a very experienced quilter and I thought it looked like a hard pattern. I think it's the instructions. Looks like you had no problem following the instructions. Now I'm re-thinking. If you'll just post your blocks as you get them finished....hahaha! Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheery wave from

Barb said...

Your hand quilting looks so great. I bet it soft and has a great drape too -
Your new project looks fun and challenging. I love circle blocks and these are really really fun.
Great to be making it with a friend.
Glad you made the game. Great photo!
boots & snow? oh no!

Dawn said...

Beautiful hand quilting. I love the way the texture enhances your fabric choices. The circle project looks fun, twice the fun with a friend.
LAX can be quite the adventure at times!

Dixie Howard said...

Love your circle blocks - I always admire them, but have not yet attempted to make some. Great idea to make them with a friend - two heads are better than one!

Sorry to hear that you had to detour, but glad your trip turned out ok - I know you were really looking forward to it, and looks like you had some fun beach time. LAX is such a zoo that I avoid it at all costs (even on a normal day), and always try to fly into Burbank, Orange County or Ontario when I have to go there for work which isn't often, thankfully!