Monday, August 18, 2014

flowers again

I'm excited to get back to appliqueing on my Bird of Paradise quilt.  With all of the block embroidery done I am ready to move on to the borders.  I plan to make the borders to suit myself using shapes and ideas from the original quilt, the Threadbear pattern and my own drawing.  
 This is my start on the top border. It feels so good to applique flowers again :0)  It's been nothing but leaves for months!  I'm mostly winging it - feels free and fun to do it that way although already I see that I didn't cut all of my flower centers the same size.  It bothers me a bit but only very little - I'm going to keep going and I can always swap out the flower center later.  I suspect that once all the other leaves and flowers are appliqued I won't notice it at all.

A couple more 6 inch blocks.  There will be more :0)

Happy Stitching!


Kyle said...

It does feel good to work on something else and put the current project aside for just a bit. Your flowers look great as well, as your 6" additions.

Cheri said...

I can't wait to see what you put in the borders, have fun.

Every Stitch said...

Looking forward to seeing your border design - have fun!

Dawn said...

More sweet 6" blocks!
Your border is wonderful. The flower centers are just like nature.
Thanks for sharing!

Colleen said...

Beautiful flowers!

antique quilter said...

oh those centers won't bother you once you add more to the borders….keep going :)
can't wait to see the blocks all together for this quilt
have fun!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love that border! and those little blocks are so sweet! When the quilts done, I can't imagine anyone noticing that the flower centers aren't perfectly the same.

Barb said...

whenever I am appliquéing flowers and leaves I try to remember that in nature they are not all the same, so it's okay. I like the slight difference.
It will be fun to watch your progress on the borders. What a wonderful project.
your new blocks are great, great cominations

Lori said...

You are off to a great start! I bet you'll have a hard time finding those flower centers once you get more applique done.
Cute sampler blocks too!

Dixie said...

Awesome that you are designing your own border, Janet! I think you should stick with your approach of having fun, and going with the flow and not making it too planned! The quirkiness and whimsy in some antique quilts is what always draws me in!!!!