Wednesday, December 31, 2014

last post for a busy December

It's the last day of 2014 - wow!  It's been a very busy but wonderful December.  It looks like I won't manage to reach my goal of 52 posts for this year. Oh well,  it's a good goal to move forward to 2015.
So in amongst all the Christmas celebrating, skiing, skating, sledding, swimming and eating I did manage to do a little sewing :0)
 I've enjoyed quite a lot of handquilting.  I'm nearly done the second border of my Crowfoot quilt.  You can see the fill in diagonal line quilting I decided to use in the pieced border. It is so easy to pull this out when company is over or at the end of the day to relax when I'm tired.
 We were away visiting my husband's family for a couple days.  This was the only portable handwork I had to bring with me.  It was shortly finished and then I had to break out my emergency stitching.
 I have been carrying around this mini charm pack together with a paper hexagon template.  It's been in my EPP tin for a very long time.  I had to trace more papers and cut them out with the little scissors I had with me.  I think they look very cheerful - once assembled maybe I'll make a bag?  I was so glad I had this emergency sewing with me - sitting on the couch with nothing for my hands to do is difficult - lol!
 My DH spoiled me with some new books.  I've been really enjoying California Bound so far.  The applique quilts in it are out of this world!
 I've been thinking about this Love Entwined quilt.  I've been watching the progress of a few quilters online.  The free pattern was going to disappear from Esther's website so I printed it.  I had better put this away for awhile and finish my Bird of Paradise quilt first.  I am stuck on the embroidery again and I haven't worked on it at all.  Do the owls really need eyes? ...
 One goal that I did reach was to have my kids' pajamas sewn by Christmas Eve.  I finished the last pj top with just a few hours to spare - whew!  It's kind of a silly picture but I let them arrange themselves and they were much too excited to pose for another.  It looks like the youngest wanted to be the tallest and the oldest wanted to be the shortest - lol.  They are all very huggable in these :0)
And a little stash enhancement also occurred.  My sister's family was visiting and they wanted to drive to Canmore (about an hour away) to skate on a pond with a gorgeous mountain view.  Little did I know that the Sugar Pine Quilt Shop could also be glimpsed through the trees from the pond.  I snatched a few minutes away from skating to snag these FQ's.  I was caught completely by surprise though - I'd have come home with a bulging bag if I had known and brought my purse :0)

I hope 2015 holds many hours of happy stitching for you all!
Happy Quilting!


audrey said...

What a fun post! I remember when I was a kid and my mom sewed us all pjs for Christmas. There was about 9 of us kids at the time and she finished with minutes to spare I'm sure. So much fun for us though! Had to laugh at your emergency sewing rations. I do the same thing when I remember. Hmm.. What if I get everything done in my bag? Have to have more so I won't go crazy with nothing to do!!

Kyle said...

Loved seeing what you've been working as 2014 comes to a close. The Jammie's all looked cute on your kiddos. Glad you got to sneak in a bit of fabric reconnaissance and your new books look like they need to go on my list. Happy New Year.

Every Stitch said...

Gorgeous kiddies in their pajamas - and what a good mum you are to sew them! Love your hand quilting - is it variegated coloured thread? Embroidery always slows me down too...I'd always rather applique!
Happy New Year to you and your family :)

Cheri said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Janet. I like the picture of the kids in theirs new jammies. Your new books look like fun. Enjoy the EPP.

Belinda said...

My kind of post….lots of good eye candy/hand work!!

Looks like Christmas was a good one!!

Happy New Year!!

Dawn said...

Happy New Year! Love seeing what's in your hoop. The Jammie's look to be a great success. Fabulous books, enjoy every page.
(You will be happy with owls w eyes) LoL!!

Karen said...

I am not familiar with the California Bound book. Is it mostly history or are their lots of pictures?

Lori said...

Looks like a lot of goodness. The kids photo is adorable!

Barb said...

Your kids photo is so cute and hooray for making all those cuddly pjs! wow what a wonderful gift.
Your hand quilting looks great, the diagonal lines are perfect with the feather.
Love those stars - epp is so easy and fun to take along.
Great books. I have to see if I have that California book.
Happy New Year

Janet said...

Happy new year Janet! Those books look good, I'll have to check them out. Lovely to see your lovely hand quilting, you have just the weather for it I think.

Carrie P. said...

oh, the kids sure have grown since the last time I saw a picture on your blog. What a sweet family you have.