Tuesday, January 20, 2015

trimming the first border

Once again I must thank my embroidery encouraging friend for coming over.  I was unhappy with my owl eyes and so last night she came over and my embroidery needle got busy again.  
 Mostly I made the eyes larger with less outline - more owlly  :0)  Whew!!  Am I ever glad that is over with.
 I lost no time in getting blocks trimmed today and the bottom row assembled so I could attach the border.  It looked like it needed a couple empty spots filled.
So I added another leaf and a butterfly tonight - much better.  The blank space over the horses is being reserved for my initials and the year of completion.  (this year hopefully)  I'm just so excited to be putting these blocks together finally. 

Happy Quilting!


Nancy said...

Such a beautiful quilt. I click on the label at the bottom and enjoyed reading all your old post about all the decisions you have made while making all the blocks.

Lori said...

Such a beautiful quilt and applique! Nice job!

Kyle said...

The owls looks ready to whoo hoot all night long. I had fun looking for the added butterfly and leave. It was like one of those puzzles. Your border is beautiful. On to the next one.

audrey said...

Wow! Love how this is coming along. Good job on the filler applique. It really brings it together well.:) I have a problem getting eyes right too although mostly I skip doing them if I can get away with it!

Every Stitch said...

I'm thrilled it is coming together so nicely for you Janet! That's a great thing about applique - easy to add another little bit later on..
The owls look very pleased with their beautiful eyes - so cute :)

Cheri said...

Well done on the owl eyes. The Owls have always been my favorites on the quilt ( okay I also really like the ostriches and BOP). Happy Stitching :)

Barb said...

ooops, catching up out of order - the owl eyes look great.
The horses are really awesome too