Monday, December 14, 2015

some Christmas sewing

December sure is a busy month - its almost half over already!  On December 5/6th we remember my Mom's Dutch heritage by celebrating Sinter Klaas.  This was my Sinter Klaas gift for my Mom this year.
 I used a wallhanging pattern by Terry Morberg of Applepatch designs. She designs such charming seasonal projects.
 I enjoyed doing the applique and the big stitch outline quilting.  I wasn't completely happy with the border fabric.  I had pulled fabrics from my stash to go with this Christmassy brown fabric but once it was pieced and appliqued the brown was just too drab.  After trying many, many other fabrics this bold red polka dot was best.
 I will have to use this fabric in something for next year... I love the vintage shaped ornaments.

 I also started another small applique project.  (I needed something portable) This Fig Tree pattern had been sitting on my sewing table for a few years and it was finally time to make it.
The holly leaves split down the middle were pretty challenging for me.  I almost abandoned it after the first leaf because the points at the split were not very neat.  But, decided that a little imperfection adds charm  :0)  I'm not sure I will add the embroidery to make this look like a cancelled stamp from Paris.  My embroidery encouraging friend will have to come over for that to happen.  I won't get this done for this year but its fun to sew seasonal projects during the season.

Happy Quilting!!


Kyle said...

Two project that are sweet for the season The whimsical tree makes you smile with the asymmetrical look. Sometimes a fabric just has to wait it's turn for right project. I like your choice for the border. I can see where the point would have been a challenge with the two fabrics doing together. It looks great to me. Happy Holidays

Cathy said...

Your Christmas tree is adorable. I too love applique. You did a great job on the split leaves. They look good. Hugs

Lori said...

Both projects are super cute!!

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Your leaning tree is adorable! I love it. One of my favorite scenes in Miracle on 34th Street is when the little Dutch girls sits on Santa's lap and sings about Sinter Klaas. Sweet!

Every Stitch said...

Great projects for Christmas - and I love that vintage ornament fabric too! I didn't do any Seasonal sewing this year but it's so nice to see yours :)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Barb said...

the tree hanging for your mom is so cute. I love the candy canes.
Sweet little bird stamp.
I really like your ornament fabric too. I have a weakness for vintage ornaments.
Merry Christmas Janet!

JohnR said...

Very nice! Hope Mom liked her Sinter Klaas gift.