Thursday, March 10, 2016

finally a border

The annual outdoor quilt show is coming up in May and when thought about what to put in it this year...  I came up blank.  I haven't finished anything this year except small stuff.  I've made great progress on a number of projects but nothing finished to show.
 Well that just wouldn't do.  How can they have a quilt show with no quilts?  I simply must contribute something.  I have wanted to finish this Zigzag quilt for a long time.  I was stuck on the border. I thought I was going to use the red and white polka dot fabric for the border but I just didn't like it.  I couldn't let go of the idea so this quilt got stuck. 
 My daughter came downstairs to do some sewing with me on the weekend and I dug it out and together we chose this medium blue print. I've had it for ages - set aside for another, even older ufo.  Well it seemed just right so now I must pin baste and machine quilt this.  That should be doable by mid May - right??  This Zigzag quilt is a ufo from a quiltalong that Lori hosted on her blog Humble Quilts in 2012.  She called hers Mountain Trails.

 This is the little project my daughter got started on.  A friend of mine had gifted her with a lot of these little bits cut off from a couple of charm packs - and then washed. They were narrow - less than 1 1/4 inch wide and frayed on both sides. 
She lined them all up and sewed them like strings together and made this little block.  I was quite impressed!  But, now she is stumped to know what to make with her "made fabric".  There are enough strings to make one more block. I suggested a bag or a pillow but she wasn't keen on my ideas.  Do any of you have other suggestions? 

Yesterday my Circle Game friend came over and I pieced the last extra block I will need for my Circle Game quilt.  After drawing with my compass for the previous 2 blocks it was nice to just modify with my friend a couple of the blocks from the pattern.  With a line change here and there these blocks look very different.  She has been posting about some of her blocks too - here
All that remains is to finish the block surrounds and put it all together.   Then we get to choose a new challenging project to work on - I can't wait!

Happy Quilting!!


Every Stitch said...

Good thing about that Quilt Show - making you finish this beauty! Very well done to your daughter. Maybe she could make a placemat or a mini quilt to hang in her room? She might like to try a little hand quilting to finish it off :)

audrey said...

Quilt shows are good motivation for a finish! This one looks well worth the trouble! Your daughter could fold her made-fabric into a rectangular shape, sew it on the wrong side and fill it with flax seed. It would make a comfy little hot/cold bag.:)

Kyle said...

What a wonderful quilt you made with Lori's SAL idea. It will great hanging at the show. Yea! For your daughter's quilting project. And Yea! For you finishing up the last of your circle game. That could be your quilt for next years quilt show!

Nancy said...

Your Zigzag quilt will look lovely in the show. I really like your daughters block. She could add a border and make a mini but I agree with you and think the two blocks would make a great bag.
Circle Game is going to look great in next years show.((:

Lori said...

You must have been overthinking the border. The blue is lovely!!
Fun strings. I like to make tabletoppers/mugrugs.
Your circle blocks are awesome!!

Barb said...

Your SAL quilt is great in the larger size. The blue borders look nice and pull out the pops of blue.
your daughters string project is very cute and what a fun color range. The dots make it fun.
great cirlce blocks. You must be excited to pull them all together for a big finish

cajunquilter said...

Good job to your daughter! How about mug rugs? The quilt top looks great with the blue border.

helen said...

On behalf of the "made fabric" : I suggest to make a small/medium solid border around the "center" and then sew the other stripes together on the narrow side and sew them around as the next border (not as a piano-key border but the other way) until all are used.
I hope you could understand what I mean??
Best wishes!